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Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes which can be accessed by inputting button sequences or by various other methods.


  • Bonus Level: Pass Act 1 of each stage with at least 50 rings.
  • Chaotic Space stage: Collect all 7 Emeralds before defeating Robotnik at Last Utopia, and beat the "Last Utopia".
  • Sound test: Complete at least 3 puzzles.
  • Special Stage option: Construct all 6 puzzles.

Cool Cheats

  • Debug Menu: To access the Debug Menu, press the Option button at the SEGA screen. This works by default on the R.A.P.E. and Neopocott emulators for PC, and the RacePSP emulator for PSP. For other emulators, set byte 0x1F in the ROM image to 0xFF before starting the game.

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