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<forumuser name="Sonic Warrior TJ" /> Sonic Warrior TJ (A.K.A. Toot Toot Sonic Warrior) has been an active member of the Sonic scene, having stumbled upon Sonic CulT during a Sonic Heroes Google search in 2003. He was more of a lurker during the first two or three years, and eventually found a place within the artist and classic gamer sects of the fanbase.

SWTJ is a graduate of the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL, with a Bachelor's in Illustration. He hopes to find a way to work on Sonic games someday, yet realizes the chances are probably quite slim.


SWTJ's first big "contribution" (if you will) was a quick illustration of a free for all between several Sonic CulT members in the vein of Super Smash Bros. Melee, complete with Sazpaimon's avatar hovering ominously in the background. [1]

Since then SWTJ has provided bits of concept art for various community projects including Sonic 2 HD and Project: Sonic Retro. Originally, he had planned an animated Sonic 2 ending in the vein of Sonic CD's animated intro/outro. A simple "test" (if you will) is located here. However, it wasn't going well, and the project team decided a revised version of the original ending (with the black and white slides) would be best. For Project: Sonic Retro, SWTJ provided the first concepts for the game's circus level.

Other oddjobs include a commission for Chaos Hedgie, and the recently "released" Christmas Chaos Sonic holiday album, organized by member Shadix. [2]

His most recent project is providing concept artwork for DM Ashura's fangame Sonic Gemini. The first piece of art done for the game was the design for "Egg-Robo 2.0", an updated model of the original Egg-Robo. [3] He is currently working on level design, boss, and badnik concepts.


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