Chaos Hedgie

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Chaos Hedgie is one of the first black guys to join the Sonic scene, and also among the most controversial. However, although his hostile personality has garnered him infamy within the Sonic scene, his cool personality garnered a niche within the scene.

He's a bit of a loose cannon, and extremely irritable, but highly intelligent.

Hedgie is also the self-proclaimed "Unrecognized Oldbie", due to his original registration being lost to time.

He was banned from Sonic Retro for various reasons on July 9th, 2009, but his ban was removed in Fall of 2012, a ban lasting of four years.

The Beginning (2002-2004)

Chaos Hedgie first joined the Sonic 2 Beta ezBoard back in 2002, but lurked for a while, thus rendering his registration lost in time.

His second noted registration was at The Perfect Chaos Gang (TPCG) in March of 2003, under the name "SonicMario3". TPCG soon closed after a month of his registration.

He soon joined the SRB2 forums, and was first introduced to IRC. He was however banned shortly, for not knowing some basic IRC etiquette, such as flooding. However, they managed to teach them the basics, and he pops in from time to time, every now and then.

After jumping around various message boards, such as the Sonic: Time Attacked forum, he finally registered at Sonic CulT. He managed to last for two months before being banned, but not before gaining some internet friendships.

He then proceeded to register at CulT-Soft and Sonic Classic, and thrived for a while. However, in 2004, an argument broke out between Chaos and Dragoon (Cult-Soft's owner) over Dragoon's sexuality, and Chaos was banned a day before Dragoon planned to VIP him.

The Doppleganger (2005-2006)

After befriending and falling out with numerous people, such as Elbot the Wolfcat, and Perfect Chaos, Hedgie began to try a community-wide prank. He impersonated Elbot, but was discovered a month or so later. However, this impersonation didn't garner much attention, so Hedgie decided to assume the personality of Perfect Chaos.

This one was a tad more successful, as he had the entire community confused, until Gunner112k finally exposed him, due to a past conversational fluke.

Chaos Hedgie also befriended a hacker named manickillaz, and proceeded to have him DDoS Digibase and the CulT. This all backfired when Sazpaimon befriended Manic, and convinced him to sway sides.

The Failure of the Bridge (2007-2008)

Hedgie vanished for a period of six months or so, but reappeared after the Glowing Bridge formed, and joined its ranks. He was also given the oldbie status that he desired.

However, after a period of three months or so, Hedgie started getting into arguments with Mad Echidna and Katelynn, and this resulted in his demotion and banning. Before he left, Hedgie predicted that the Glowing Bridge would fall, and that SonicIRC would forever remain stagnant. Ironically, his predictions came true, with the Bridge's subsequent closing a month later.

Hedgie then vanished in the middle of 2008, due to real life issues. He reappeared in August, after he relocated to Oregon.


Chaos Hedgie is now a lurker on Sonic Retro.


  • He's one of the first black members of the Sonic Community
  • His various names are Nigtendo, Sonicmario3, Chaos the Hedgehog, Meta Knigger/Meta Nigger
  • One of the few members to have actually planned and orchestrated DDoS attacks, (although unable to commence them)
  • Was also the inadvertent cause of SonAR being deleted while hosted on Glowing Bridge's servers. Due to Katelynn, a rumor broke out that Hedgie was supposedly going to report Glowing Bridge to SEGA, and MadEchidna deleted SonAR as a precaution.