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Not to be confused with Metal Knuckles from Sonic R or the scener MK, who can also be found in this wiki. Or a gay bar.

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Metal Knuckles is an oddity among the community, alternating between being an asset of common sense and wit to the forums, and being an idiot. Metal Knuckles started out in early 2004 as a member of the Shadowsoft Games forums, than slowly moved his way across the SSRG, Sonic Retro, and briefly in Hacking CulT before he was suspended until 2010. Starting out with a graphical hack of Sonic the Hedgehog named Shadow Alpha, he soon started a trend of creating incomplete hacks for various reasons. Metal Knuckles soon grew a reputation for being one of the few constant presences in the Sonic hacking community without an actual hacking reputation. Metal Knuckles has spread out to the wider ROM hacking community in more recent years, including, ||board, Board 2, Jul, Aeon Genesis, and SMW Central.

Metal Knuckles fighting against a broken-bottle wielding NiktheGreek, as portrayed by Sonic Warrior TJ
Recent posts point towards his username actually being his real life name, and that he is actually a robot anteater that can shoot missles out of his c***.

Hacks (discontinued)

  • Shadow Alpha, Sonic the Hedgehog (discontinued due to JohnnyUK creating a Shadow sprite switch in Sonic the Hedgehog already)
  • Super Robot Taisen (English version), Super Robot Taisen (Japanese version) (discontinued due to Gideon Zhi of Aeon Genesis translating the game already)
  • The Legend of Zelda - The Picori blade, The Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past (discontinued due to laziness)

Hacks (not discontinued yet)

A screenshot of Shadow Alpha, one of the few pieces of evidence that Metal Knuckles has any hacking experience
  • Super Maria World, Super Mario World

Alternative Titles

Noteworthy Facts

  • Allegedly, Metal Knuckles is the writer of the 100th Strongbad Email, making him "Jon, No Hampsters".
  • Once in an act of defiance, Metal Knuckles used his staff privelages at SSRG to delete his own account, creating a minor paradox of sorts. While his account was reinstated as a regular member, his password was changed and password recovery failed to work, effectivley leaving him locked out of his own account.
  • Metal Knuckles was in a Bachelor's Program for Game Programming for two and a half years, before he decided to transfer between colleges and switch to a somewhat less interesting Bachelor's in Business.