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Quake Cave
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Quake Cave
Fourteenth course, Sonic Drift 2
Level theme: underground/cave
Mystic Cave | Balloon Panic

Quake Cave is a racecourse in Sonic Drift 2 for the Sega Game Gear. This stage is the second track of the Blue Chaos GP - Blue being the hardest of the three tournaments - coming after Dark Valley 2 and before Balloon Panic. Unlike the majority of races in the Chaos Grand Prix, this isn't a three-lap circular course; the objective is simply to get through the tunnel ahead of everyone else. And the winning racer gets a Chaos Emerald!

The crags and gorges of Dark Valley apparently lead into a snaking cave system - and a geologically active one at that. Quake Cave deserves its name, for your driving is frequently interrupted by a juddering screen and large chunks of rock that cascade down from the ceiling. Pointy stalagmites jut up from the floor in places, so make sure you weave round those as well.

As might be expected of a tunnel stage, there is no track edge to fall off this time (as with the other chthonic race, Mystic Cave). However, running into the wall will slow you down as much (if not more) than running onto rough ground during the open courses. Not to mention ruin your car's paintwork. Probably.


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