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Main Article: Lego_Ideas_Set_21331/History

In February 2019, Sonic Retro user Roller submitted a concept for a Sonic Mania-themed Lego set on the Lego Ideas website.[1] In December 2021, Lego added a much overhauled Sonic-themed set in their catalogue.[2]



An adventure's no fun if it's too easy!

With its 1125 pieces, it's aimed at people older than 18. The product page[2] mentions these key points:

  • Authentic game details
    • Features a palm tree, bridge loop and lever-activated spring for big jumps.
  • Defy gravity
    • Construct a vertical loop in the centre for Sonic to zip through.
  • Collect the golden rings
    • Help Sonic capture rings and pounce on the buildable monitors.
  • Iconic characters
  • Reward yourself
  • Display with pride
    • Measures 17 cm high and 36 cm wide, includes display piece.