True Dude

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<forumuser name="True Dude" /> True Dude (formerly known as Andrew the Hedgehog, then Dude (not to be confused with Dude)) is an occasional frequenter of such ROM hacking-related communities as Sonic Retro and Sonic Stadium. He originally joined The Sonic 2 Beta Page in 2006, where he made a few embarrassing posts expressing his ignorance towards message board etiquette.

After the disaster at The Sonic 2 Beta Page, he joined the Sennient Forums as "Dude" to get more used to the flow of how things worked. Soon after, he joined the SRB2 Forums (under Dude_) to get a better grasp at how the actual community worked, as to not embarrass himself again.

In 2007, he joined The Sonic Stadium under his new alias _dude_ (later changed to True_Dude) as a much more intelligent individual. He later joined the original Sonic Retro forums until their merge with Sonic 2 Beta. This initially prevented him from accessing the forums; but, after a talk with Scarred Sun and Tweaker, he now exists as a full member on the Sonic Retro forums, and a regular contributor to the wiki.

And no, his name has nothing to do with his sexuality.