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<forumuser name="roxahris" /> roxahris rocks and rolls. He also makes SMPS conversions of music and is working on a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, called Sonic the Sequel. Oh yeah, that's about it. Because "roxahris" is a stupid name, nobody can ever spell it right. At least, most European people can't. Especially PPA. If you really want to, you can potentially call him "roxharis". He also bakes cookies and makes volatile alcoholic beverages.

He "joined" the "community" in 2007. After getting banned from #s2beta (for a very good reason, I'm sure), he went over to The Glowing Bridge, and there he stayed until it died. Then, his laptop broke, disappeared from the public eye. Later on, he triumphantly returned to Sonic Retro. Some people claim this is a tragedy - most people agree. He then decided to start work on a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog, which changed into a Sonic 2 hack after a while because he really wanted Tails to follow Sonic around. The first change in the hack was to, of course, remove Tails from the game's programming. Since then, he's done various things to a Sonic 2 disassembly. Bad things. Horrible things. He released a version to the public for the 2008 Hacking Contest, with hardly any mentionable content, barring a half-completed Emerald Hill Zone layout, new music, (slightly) new sprites and the inclusion of "Niggles", a totally black Knuckles that can't collect rings.

With that hack firmly thrown in the garbage, he has secretly begun working on a secret project that has only, as of yet, been noted by this very wiki page. In secret.

While it's not like he works on his hack often, he has been posting music in the "Official Genesis Music Thread" (which should really be the Official Mega Drive Music Thread. Assholes.) and posting regular posts everywhere else.