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The legacy of that twirly thing that Sonic does in mid-air

First appearing in Sonic CD, then popularized in Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition and Sonic 1 Megamix, this animation has captivated the hearts of hackers and players everywhere. Nowadays, it is put in most hacks for no other reason than to look cool, however, Sonic 1 Megamix is the only one with the landing pose (also known as "that badass look"), although this was not used as a landing pose for springs in Sonic CD anyway (In actuality, it only appears when falling back from a ramp in Palmtree Panic 1), making its inclusion in this article a dubious enterprise. In the end, though, some people wonder why Sonic doesn't get dizzy after spinning around in mid-air at such a velocity. However, being the fastest hedgehog alive, and having the ability to go through multiple loop-de-loops in a chain, and of course it being only a game, means that their time in thinking about it (like the time you're spending reading this article) is being wasted. Then again, you have learned something new. And while this article will probably be deleted or heavily edited, removing what is here... it will always remain in your heart... and you shall think "Man, that was such an awesome article". Or, most probably "Man, what a shitty article". But even if you do hate it, rest assured that one day you will forget it. And when that day comes, the world will grieve at such a great loss, and wish they had read it too.

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You're going to need to add some kind of evidence this hack actually exists to the article, or it'll be deleted. - Hivebrain 16:14, 9 May 2008 (UTC)