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<forumuser name="Digital Xeron" /> Kradorex "Digital" Xeron has been around the scene since 2000-2001. He is most known for his webhosting efforts through his organization, Digibase Operations, which used to provide webhosting to members in good standing with the community. Since his absence over the year 2007 due to personal issues in life he has been attempting to re-establish the position within the community he once held.

History in the Community

Xeron first joined Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51 around 1999-2000 under the name "Digimon Emperor". He didn't establish his existence within the community until late 2000 to early 2001, mostly lurking around Area 51. When Area 51 was having issues nearing its death, Digital Xeron opted to host it under his webhosting operation, Digibase Operations. However, once Area 51 was administratively terminated, the Sonic Secrets Center (SSC) was established. When SSRG was at total loss and eventually went down, Xeron once again opted to host the SSC for the time being. At this stage, Digital decided to branch out to more of the community, joining SWS2B, now known as Sonic Retro, where he has been basing his position in the community since.


The following is a list of communities where Digital Xeron can be seen in involvement with the scene:


Digital Xeron is an extremely bored scener since his return early 2008, since he hasn't exactly taken a liking to ASM as his aspirations are mostly operational in the systems and networks context, not programmatic. Furthermore, his artistic skills are in vector work, specializing in logos and systems designs, rather than pixel/raster graphics.

Old Names

  • Digimon Emperor
  • Digital Zepher (Short time only)
  • Digital MCX
  • Digital X