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Fast Facts on Digibase Operations

Main Site:
Founded: 1998
Current Status: Active/Online
Public Services Run:

  • Web Serving/Hosting
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • DNS (Domain Name Service)
  • FTP FileServ
  • Blacklists (BLs)
  • NNTP (Private Usenet-style News Server) [FUTURE,CONFIRMED]
  • Community FTP service [FUTURE,UNCONFIRMED]

Digibase Operations (also known as "Digibase" informally) is an organization founded in August of 1998 and run by Kradorex Xeron (also known as Digital Xeron) with many purposes, including research and development of advanced computer systems, system and network security, special projects, and webhosting services. In the Sonic community it is most known for its webhosting.

Keep it Digital and Original

— The Digibase Operations motto


  • Web Serving/Hosting - This is the service most known by the community as many people receive hosting from The Operations.
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) - The Operations runs an IRC Network as a service and offers it for use by anyone who wishes to use it.
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) - One may sync their clocks via the NTP protocol with via an NTP client.
  • DNS (Domain Name Service) - Provided as a service similar to OpenDNS, with no NXDOMAIN redirection.
  • FTP FileServ - A small archive of useful utilities available by FTP accessable with no password - Suggestions may be made for additions to one of the active Digibase Operations staff.
  • NNTP (Private Usenet-style News Server) [FUTURE,CONFIRMED] - It is planned that Digibase is to launch a private NNTP server in the upcomming month or so. This server will not be interconnected to the main Usenet hierarchy as it is preferred to remain controlled by The Operations.
  • Community FTP service [FUTURE,UNCONFIRMED] - Digibase is considering launching a community FTP service for things like hack demos, music, and other such content to be distributed by the community. It will not be an "anonymous" public service as to prevent garbage from being uploaded, however, access will be given to anyone within the community in good standing.
  • Blacklists - Digibase Operations operates and provides Spambot, FTP, and IRC blacklists to the internet community as to provide a valuable data source for filtering of abuse of various services.

Current Staff

This is a current listing of staff of Digibase Operations for staff that have a presence within the community, note, this isn't a full listing of all staff, as some are hired from outside the Sonic community.

Owner/Founder: - K. Xeron (Digital Xeron)
Second in Command: - Royce (Mach Sonic)
Auxiliary Command - RattleMan
Chief Engineer - GerbilSoft [retired]


Below is a short history timeline of The Operations and how it came to be what it is today:

August 19th 1998 - Digibase Operations launched under the codename "The Sector Zero Project". it was established as a simple FTP server limited to a select few users running on a Windows 98 machine. It was strictly an experimental project.

2000 - The Sector Zero Project changed it's name to Digibase Operations and it entered establishment as an organization, It retained the original name as an internal codename.

2001 - The original design of the "Computer Core" was established and was installed, all hosted data was moved to this new system as this system was designed to run Linux and was a dedicated system.

2003 - The great fatal loss of data had occurred, most hosted data was lost due to a massive disk failure of the computer core.

October 2005 -- Long time crew member Mustapha breaksdown, starts handing various people in #cult Xeron's passwords, taking down several websites on Digibase and DigitalNET IRC. Mustapha was then subsequently terminated and the aftermath of the event became a discussion on the "site trashing" mentality some sceners had. This event also led to higher security standards being used on the Digibase Operations/DigitalNET Network.

June 2006 - Digibase Operations shut down due to financial loss.

September 2006 - Some (limited) services restored as The Operations obtained a residential internet connection.

Winter 2007 - The Operations receives a commercial internet connection superior to its old commercial connection through funding once more, and brings regular services back into operation as it takes on webhosting users again.

DigitalNET Systems

DigitalNET Systems, usually just written DigitalNET is the systems and network management subsidary of Digibase Operations. Usually when system hardware is in question, it is used under the scope of DigitalNET. The IRC Network is also identified under this operation as systems linked to the IRC network must be approved at the DigitalNET level and must operate to such standards. Those who operate networks approved by DigitalNET receive special identification by Digibase Operations. However, there is an extensive process for such approval.

Operations Terminology

Computer Core - A system designed that consists of a server or group of servers operating as one in a centralized operation.
Host Slate - The master list of hosted users hosted by Digibase Operations
The Operations - A term when used with initial capitals refers to Digibase Operations in a shorthand formal sense.
Unimatrix, Dumatrix, Trimatrix - Used to identify main, secondary, and tertiary networks respectively of DigitalNET.
Individual Member System (IMS) - Used to identify systems that are not a part of a network able to be submitted, but are of particular interest to The Operations.