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Barry the Nomad (also referred to simply as Barry) is a SEGAbits administrator, writer, and designer. Creating The Nomad Junkyard in December 2008, a blog dedicated to mobile and handheld SEGA consoles and games, Barry soon joined other SEGA blogs as a writer. These blogs included The Saturn Junkyard, SEGA Memories and The Dreamcast Junkyard. In April 2010, in an effort to create a partnership with the many SEGA Junkyard blogs and SEGA Memories, SEGAbits admins George and Sharky made Barry a SEGAbits writer. Barry went on to become a moderator for the site, and later an admin. He also contributes designs for the site, including logos. Most notably designing the SEGAbits logo and the revised Sega Retro logo.

His internet handle is derived from his first name, the "the" in Sonic the Hedgehog, and the SEGA Nomad handheld.

Community Contributions

SEGA Network

SEGA Network logo

The SEGA Network (also referred to as SGNW) is a webring devised by Barry which was initially meant to tie together the Junkyard blogs and SEGA Memories. Each site has a shared SEGA Network logo and list of links to other SEGA-related blogs on the site's sidebar. Upon joining SEGAbits as a writer, the SEGA Network expanded to include SEGAbits, Sega Retro, SegaShiro, SEGA Driven, SEGA Memories, The Dreamcast Junkyard, The Saturn Junkyard and The Nomad Junkyard. A few sites also list The SEGA Master System Junkyard and The SEGA CD Junkyard, however the majority of SEGA Network sites do not list these due to their inactivity.

"SEGA Network" is also used as an article tag at SEGAbits, allowing SEGA Junkyard and SEGA Memories articles to be posted on SEGAbits, with a "read more" directing to the original article.

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