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Current owner(s): George, Barry the Nomad
Type of site: News, Reviews, Features, Interviews, Media
Created on: Feb. 6, 2010
Current status: Online

SEGAbits is a website dedicated to general SEGA news, as well as original content. Founded by former Sega Nerds contributor George, SEGAbits main page presents news, reviews, interviews, and original content in a blog format. Notable articles, typically those being original content, are presented in a "Featured Articles" bar above the blog. The community, consisting of admins, readers, and writers, interact in the SEGAbits forums. In early 2010, current site admin Barry the Nomad was brought on as a writer, and in turn created the SEGA Network web ring.

On April 1, 2013, it was announced that SEGAbits would partner with Sonic Retro, which involved SEGAbits moving to Sonic Retro's server as well as integrating Sega Retro into the SEGAbits site. As of the announcement, Sega Retro is linked to SEGAbits by an "Info" link in the SEGAbits header (similar to how the Sonic Retro wiki is accessed from the Sonic Retro home page). Future plans involve further integration.

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