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The S Factor: Sonia and Silver
Version: This should have been out years ago
Last release: 2013-08-08
Status: In Progress
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Aquaslash & Pals

The S Factor: Sonia and Silver is an in-progress multi-level hack created by Aquaslash of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive. The game allows players to choose between two characters, Sonia, and Silver, and offers several moves attributed to those characters.


The citizens of Mobius just can't seem to catch a break. Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) is yet again up to his no good tricks. Factories and pollution are spreading like wildfire as he's once again trying to take over the world. Fortunately, the Sonic Heroes are never at rest, and once again wage their battle to defeat Eggman's evil forces.

However, the heroes have landed in double jeopardy. Eggman's madman descendant, Eggman Nega, has escaped from the Ifrit's dimension, and is wreaking his usual havoc in an effort to destroy the world. He's even captured Eggman's top three lieutenants, the ruthless Team Metallix, and reprogrammed them to do his even more evil bidding.

Unlike previous instances of Nega's destruction, Eggman is not fazed. He figures that once he's in control of the world, he can take care of Eggman Nega as he pleases. Unfortunately for Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog isn't having that. Before he can decide who to dispatch where, he receives a call through the communicator Tails gave him. The message: someone's already on the case. Not just someone, but someones!

Apparently, Sonic's very own sister, Sonia the Hedgehog has already caught wind of Nega's evil and is out to stop him. Sonic is a bit eased, knowing full well of his sister's strength and agility. She also lets him know that she has found and teamed up with a mysterious young hedgehog who can move things with his mind. Sonic instantly recognizes that Sonia is with his newest ally: Silver the Hedgehog. Silver has once again traveled through time to ensure that the future is free of Nega's tampering (though he really ought to just stay here in the present, you know). Knowing that the two hedgehogs are more than capable of handling the situation, Sonic leaves it to them, and resumes dealing with Eggman.

Eggman Nega is well aware that Sonic is busy with his dimwitted ancestor. However, he'd do best not to overlook a certain factor. The S Factor, Sonia and Silver! It's up to you to lead the unlikely tag team of the physically powerful Sonia, and the psychokinetic Silver on their quest to right the wrongs of the evil Eggman Nega!



Sonia the Hedgehog

The older sister of the world famous hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. While she doesn't have his super speed, she makes up for it with quick moves, and incredible strength. Though she tends to be quite high maintenance, and a bit bossy, Sonia is incredibly agile, and a capable fighter to boot. She has a special move called the Super Twirl that allows her to accelerate into a powerful cyclone.


Silver the Hedgehog

One of the newest recruits to the Sonic Heroes, Silver is from a world in the distant future. Because of his strong determination to uphold the ways of truth and justice, Silver often finds himself chasing the time and dimension hopping Eggman Nega. Silver's most powerful asset is his mind. He wields amazing psychokinetic ability! He can move nearly anything, even himself, by just thinking about it! It is this trait that gives him his unusual flight abilities.

Eggman Nega

Rush eggman nega.png

Eggman's evil descendant from the same time period as Silver. Rejected by scientists because his ancestor's failures, Eggman Nega traveled back in time and tried to replace him and gain honor to the Robotnik name. His plans were thwarted, and now he wants revenge. If he can't rule the world, he'll simply destroy it and find somewhere else to rule. Nega's presence usually requires Sonic's and Eggman's troops to team up, but Eggman has different ideas this time. Can Sonia and Silver stop his plans for world destruction?

Team Metallix

Dr. Eggman's top henchbots have been reprogrammed by Eggman Nega and attack our heroes in the White Blaster Zone!



The "voice" of Team Metallix as she's the only one with speech capabilities. A fanatic of Eggman's work who willingly subjected herself to roboticization. She specializes in flight. Watch out for her energy attacks!

Metal Knuckles


Eggman's pulled this older machine out of storage and upgraded it into a more battle hardy configuration. As a doppelganger of Knuckles, he specializes in brute strength. Beware of his sharp "knuckles" and missile attacks.

Metal Sonic


The tactical leader of the team, Metal Sonic is the one android that all of the heroes know too well. Like his namesake, he specializes in supersonic speed. However, his frame seems to have problems accommodating that super speed...

The Sonic Heroes

The group of young heroes led by the fleet footed speed demon, Sonic the Hedgehog. They've got their hand full with dealing with Eggman's plan to one up Eggman Nega. Fulfill certain conditions, and you might be able to help them on their quest. Which ones? Play the game and find out!


All Characters

Directional Pad Left or Right: Move - Hold either button to accelerate. Press the opposite direction to brake.

Directional Pad Up: Look - get a view of your upper surroundings.

Directional Pad Down: Crouch - get a view of your lower surroundings.

C: Spin Attack - use the hedgehog's main defensive move to gain speed on slopes and destroy enemies!

Jump + Hold A + C (that's jump, hold A and press C): Mission Power - Complete all of the secret missions to unlock this "super" move of great justice!

Unique to Sonia

Hold A: Super Twirl - Accelerate into a whirlwind tornado! Grants temporary invincibility and increased acceleration, but you can't jump. Let go of the button for a burst of speed.

Jump + C: Power Axe - this spinning axe kick increases Sonia's attack range and reflects most projectile attacks.

Power Skill - As Sonia is a strength oriented character, she can access various shortcuts that other characters can't with little effort.

Unique to Silver

Hold A: Psychic Grab - Silver's signature skill. Control various objects and use them to destroy enemies and access shortcuts.

Tap A during Psychic Grab: Psychic Toss - Fire any held objects one at a time. These can target various objects.

Hold A during Psychic Grab: Psychic Smash - Fire all held objects at once. Objects shot this way can destroy tougher obstacles!

Jump + C: Levitation - glide through the air with your psychic powers. Hold A to sustain altitude, and move with the directional pad. Use it carefully as it only lasts a short while.


Rings: These items grant health and protection from attacks. However, they scatter when you take damage. Get caught with none and you'll have to retry from the previous Star Post.

Star Post: These handy dandy items save your position in cause you completely blow it. The time you got there is saved, but your Rings are not. Pass them with a certain amount of Rings and you might receive bonus Rings or more!

Super Springs: These super powered items increase your inertia in the direction they're facing.


Super Ring Get ten Rings at once!
Barrier This items allows you to take damage but keep your Rings. Use it wisely, it only works once.
Super Barrier A special Ring reinforced barrier (hence the gold color). It can withstand multiple hits and attracts nearby Rings. It also comes with 50 of them. These are a bit harder to find though so don't be reckless with them!
Spark of Sonic Because Sonia and Silver aren't the fastest of all heroes, Sonic had Tails whip up these special items. Emblazoned with an icon of Sonic's shoe, they grant their users speed like his. They only work for a short time though, because Sonic just has to be the fastest thing alive.
One Man Up These special items add to your lives count. They might come in handy in the later areas.
Sparkling Barrier This Barrier made of stars protects you from all damage and destroys enemies. Of course, it's temporary, so use it to the fullest.
Negaman Marked by Eggman Nega's ugly mug, these items instantly deal damage.
Nega Speed Watch out for these phony Sparks of Sonic made by Eggman Nega. They decrease your speed!
The 4th MacGuffin The 4th of your MacGuffins seems to be even more secluded than the other six! You'll have to specifically search for it on one of your missions
The S This super rare monitor grants instant continues. If you should find one while not on a mission, it may grant a special surprise!


Spectra Valley

Because there's always gotta be a tropical paradise somewhere, the adventures of our Heroes start here. Don't let the peaceful music fool you, there's still lots of traps around.

Arid Temple

The heat blazes on in this desert temple. Watch out for the spike chandeliers!

Ring Land

It's everyone favorite amusement park! Rings are everywhere! Collect them all, but watch out for Negabots!

Placid Sapphire

Kick back in this beautiful crystal palace under the sea. Enjoy the sights, but keep plenty of air. Our Heroes can't breathe underwater you know!

Chaotic Street

How this interstate floats is a mystery. This is where you really get to experience Sonic-like speed. Just don't touch the bombs.

White Blaster

Eggman Nega has been tracked to a bio-plant, and he's all but ready to do away with you. If he can't finish the job, the enslaved Team Metallix will!

Destron City

Eggman Nega's base of operations is like a mechanical planet! Look out for those cars...they're more than meets the eye!

Negative Outlook

This is the place where the final showdown with Eggman Nega takes place. One shall stand, one shall fall.

Ocean Trench


The Secret Mission

Should you exit the zones with enough Rings in tow, you may find special Warp Gates along the path. Jump into one to accept one of the seven secret missions. The mystical Chaos Emeralds are hidden somewhere in these pocket dimensions. Find them all to gain the ultimate advantage against Eggman Nega, and unlock the special Mission Power! Don't waste your chances though, Eggman Nega has managed to block the Warp Gates from appearing in Destron City!

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