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You might have guessed, but I'm trying to improve how Sonic Retro documents different versions of games, i.e. make it more "visual" than a list of bullet points.

Prototypes are easy, but I have visions of documenting different versions of games too. But I also want to do localisation changes and re-releases and anything that could be relevant (which yes, would include comparing this to the 2011 port of Sonic CD). The scope is quite large.

I have absolutely no idea how best to organise and format all of this though. The good thing is that for Sonic Retro, it's not going to get more challenging than something like the PS2/Xbox/GameCube and PC versions of Sonic Heroes. Sega Retro, which I also want to cover in a similar way, has a bazillion versions of OutRun and Golden Axe and Space Harrier - we need a consistent approach.

I will probably end up ploughing on in my own special little way, but I'd quite like to be stopped if I'm being completely stupid. This is just as much your wiki as it is mine. -Black Squirrel (talk) 13:38, 27 April 2018 (CDT)