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Sonic Jump
Publisher: Sega
System(s): i-mode 505/506/700/FOMA/900/901/902/903
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Mobile phone
2005-02-21 ¥315/mo ?
Mobile phone
2007-04-20  ? ?
Mobile phone
2007-04-30 $1.99 ?
For the 2012 mobile game, see Sonic Jump (2012).

Sonic Jump (ソニックジャンプ) is a mobile phone game released as part of the Sonic Cafe service offered by Sega; and on the Sega Mobile service in the USA & Europe, who later released a sequel. In this game, the player is Sonic on a 6-level quest to defeat another one of Dr. Eggman's schemes. There are inter-level cutscenes & appearances by characters such as Tails and Knuckles. The actual gameplay is simple - Sonic bounces upwards off platforms and much reach the top of each level - if he touches the bottom, the game is over. There are 4 different types of platform - regular, disintegrating (one jump and it's gone), spikes underneath so if hit from below Sonic takes damage, and a higher-than-usual jump. Badniks can be defeated by spinning at or near the apex of a jump. Points are accrued by defeating badniks, gaining Rings, and clearing levels quickly.


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