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This page describes an obsolete hacking tool that should not be used for new hacks/projects or with new disassemblies/tools.
This page (and associated files) is being kept for historical purposes only, as it documents and archives the history of the Sonic scene.
SAMDL from SA Tools is an improved successor to this program.
Category: Graphics editor
Version: final
Status: Inactive
System: Microsoft Windows
Supported Games: Sonic Adventure
Credits: MainMemory

SADXMDL is a tool for editing model data in the Dreamcast and PC versions of Sonic Adventure. It was written by MainMemory in Visual Basic .NET. It requires the .NET Framework 3.5 and the DirectX Runtimes to run.


  • Allows you to move, rotate and scale models.
  • Allows you to import and export models in .vt, .nj and .obj format.
  • Uses customizable addresses and names in Addresses.ini


Download.svg Download SADXMDL
File: SADXMDL_final.7z (203 kB) (info)
Current version: final

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