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MainMemory is a Tech Member on the Sonic Retro forums. She is most known for being heavily involved in modding Sonic games on PC, creating mod loaders, tools, and mods for many of them.

She has also made WindowsZone, a Sonic Fan Game where you can play with Sonic on your desktop. (Windows only)

If you need to talk to her, she can be found in the X-Hax Discord.


In (mostly) chronological order:


In (mostly) chronological order:

  • SETedit - Edits object placements in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure DX PC, and Sonic Adventure 2. Discontinued.
  • SADXTweaker - Edits many things in Sonic Adventure DX PC. Discontinued.
  • SADXLVL - Edits levels in Sonic Adventure DX PC. Discontinued.
  • SADXMDL - Edits models in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX PC. Discontinued.
  • SA1LVL - Edits levels in Sonic Adventure. Lacks many features SADXLVL has. Discontinued.
  • SADXsndSharp - Edits .dat files (sound effects) from Sonic Adventure DX PC.
  • SonLVL - Edits levels in the Mega Drive games, as well as Sonic & Knuckles Collection and Sonic CD PC.
  • SKCsnd - Edits sound effects in Sonic & Knuckles Collection.
  • SCDPCsnd - Edits sound effects in Sonic CD PC.
  • LevelConverter - Converts levels between games.
  • SCDPCspr - Edits sprites in Sonic CD PC.
  • SCDPCscr - Edits tiles in Sonic CD PC.
  • SCDPCSSEd - Edits Special Stage layout in Sonic CD PC.
  • SA Tools - A new set of tools for Sonic Adventure series games.
  • Generations Archive Editor - Edits .ar.?? files from Sonic Generations.
  • SASave - Edits save files from Sonic Adventure.

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