Ring Rolling

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SonicSuperstars PC RingRolling.png
Ring Rolling
First seen: Sonic Superstars (2023)
User: Trip the Sungazer
Type: Movement, attack

Ring Rolling[1] is a move performed by Trip the Sungazer in Sonic Superstars. It allows her to climb walls and ceilings similar to the Pink Spikes Colour Power seen in Sonic Colours.


When Trip performs her Double Jump, she will curl up into a spiked ring as long as the player holds a Jump button. When she makes contact with a wall or ceiling in this state, she will cling to it. In this state, Trip can then roll along the wall or ceiling in any direction (Up and Down for walls, Left and Right for ceilings), and will even roll along curves between the two, but will uncurl if she rolls to flat ground.

She can also defeat Badniks by rolling into them with the move, however she cannot defeat spiked or electrified enemies. She can jump off the wall or ceiling at any time during the move by pressing a Jump button, and can perform the move again in the same jump.


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