Old log fortress

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The Knothole Freedom Fighters exploring the fortress.

In issue #26 of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, the Knothole Freedom Fighters come across an old log fortress built by the ancestors of Princess Sally Acorn[1].



The fortress, most likely inspired by North America's historical stockade forts, has palisade walls and a large wooden gate as the main entrance. The inner sides of the walls have wooden platforms reachable by ladders, and the gate can be latched from the inside with a wooden plank. A blacksmith's workshop with tools is located in one nook. A single damaged cannon, which was presumably once used to defend the site, is located inside the fortress.

The fortress is in a state of complete disrepair, aside from the blacksmith's workshop.


The fortress was built by members of the House of Acorn a long time ago. Some time between that and the events of the issue, it was abandoned and left to rot.

The fortress was found by the Knothole Freedom Fighters while exploring a mountain. With Sonic the Hedgehog having sprained his ankle and Dr. Robotnik being right on their tail with his Bot Bus, the Freedom Fighters decided to take shelter there. Not deeming the old wooden structure alone to be sufficient protection from Robotnik, Sonic came up with a plan to use Rotor Walrus' pocket laser and the fort's blacksmithing tools to build a makeshift suit of battle armor for Bunnie Rabbot from scrap metal found at the fortress.

The fort's gate was broken as Robotnik busted through it with the Bot Bus, threatening to roboticize the Freedom Fighters. Bunnie, now in her battle armor, responded by threatening Robotnik. Robotnik retaliated by deploying SWATbot team 066, which Bunnie disposed of quickly. The Bot Bus once again busted through the fortress' wall after an unsuccessful attempt at running over Bunnie, now sent tumbling down the mountain with its brakes not working. The Freedom Fighters celebrated Bunnie's victory at the fortress.