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General comparisons

Chaotix1229 32X Sega.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X Comparison SegaLogo.png
Final game

The 1229 prototype has the same Sega logo background as the 1207 and 1227 builds, but now has the ™ symbol.

Chaotix1229 32X Data1Clear.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X Data1.png
Final game

Rather than the tiling errors in 1227, all save data has Botanic Base marked as CLEAR.

Chaotix1229 32X Options.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X Comparison Options.png
Final game

This is the first known build with a real options menu. It's the same as the final, save for "Key Config" becoming "Control Configuration".

Chaotix1229 32X SoundTest.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X Comparison SoundTest2.png
Final game

The sound test is more complete than the 1227 prototype. It lacks channel labels and song titles, and the PWM indicators are different colours, but most of the graphics are here.

Chaotix1229 32X TitleCard.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X Comparison TitleCard.png
Final game

The title cards now read Chaotix, but Heavy is still called "Heaby".

Chaotix1229 32X EspioBalancePalette.png
Prototype 1229
Chaotix 32X EspioBalancePalette.png
Final game

If two Espios are paired together, a couple of frames of his balancing animation will have an incorrect palette (which was not the case in earlier builds). Strictly speaking this combination is impossible during normal play in this prototype, but can be acheived temporarily with change monitors in the final game.

Level comparisons


Chaotix (prototype 1229), prototype version of Chaotix
Chaotix Title Beta 2.png

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