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Fast Facts on Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Genesis)

Version: Release 2
Last Release: 12/06/2006
System: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Credits: Xenowhirl

Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Genesis) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog which attempts to recreate certain aspects of the Gameboy Advance Sonic 1 port.

Ported Features

  • Physics which closely match those of the GBA game, noticable during Eggman confrontations.
  • Spindash which has slow animation and dust that appears slightly before the spin starts.
  • Background effects, like moving clouds.
  • Fixed Caterkiller-damage bug, scrolling-left-too-fast bug, die-during-level-resize bugs.
  • Applied a Left boundary teleport fix, signpost art loading and collision fix, skippable score countdown, "walking jump" fix, momentum preservation, "press start" fix and edits, altered rebound physics, altered jump physics, etc.
  • Sonic's sprite art and the life counter text are replaced with the different art from S1GBA.
  • The scrolling is changed to give a better sense of speed and Sonic CD style lookahead (that's not in S1GBA, but neither is a bigger screen).
  • All springs double Sonic's max speed until landing if airborne before the spring counter runs out. All sidefacing red springs act like yellow springs. To compensate for the lower speed, slope repel calculations aren't performed after hitting a spring. Vertical springs erase all horizontal velocity not in a direction being pressed.

Unported Features

  • Slowdown and pop-in are not present.
  • Landing on steeply curved ground, still acts much like the original Sonic 1 and sometimes conflicts with the momentum preservation.
  • Sonic 1 GBA has Sonic starting off GHZ1 at a location further to the left.
  • Rising platforms in GHZ are not solid.
  • The dynamic level resizing is not changed.
  • The switch under the monitor in Labyrinth Zone needs to be removed.
  • The momemtum preservation against upside-down spikes is not changed.
  • The first buzzbomb does not fly high enough.
  • Music should not restart after losing a life.


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