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MathUser is a researcher on the Sonic Retro wiki. He has made various contributions to the Knuckles' Chaotix pre-release pages and also started several other prototype pages. This eventually led the creation of a page for every prototype ever released (every prototype known to him anyway). Not to mention every un-released game. He also successfully archived every known Sonic-related LCD game from Tiger, Tomy, McDonalds, and others. He built almost the entire interview section by himself. Game Development pages were his idea and he also built up the Game Secrets pages.


  • As of 5/8/2008 he was the 3rd top contributor. Then on 9/12/2008 he became the 2nd top contributer. Some time after that Hivebrain became the 2nd top contributor and he reverted to the status of being the 3rd top contributor.
  • He has OVER 14,000 contributions!
  • Former nicknames used include hiro1112, iamstillhiro1112, among others.
  • Also known as Sūgaku no yūzā (数学のユーザー).
  • He is not that proficient in math as the nick would indicate.
  • First edit (dated 2008).
  • Mid-August 2014 marked his crossover from sysop to researcher.