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(Added a link to the SXC Backup provided by user Sandman on the senntient forums. Added because of broken nature of website)
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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[ The website]
*[ The website (dead)]
*[ The forum]
*[ The forum (dead)]
*[ SXC Backup] For more backups see [ this] forum thread.
*[ SXC Backup] For more backups see [ this] forum thread (dead).

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Sonic Xtreme Compendium
Current owner(s): Chris Senn
Type of site: Information
Current status: Online

Sonic X-treme Compendium is a website dedicated to the canceled Sonic X-treme maintained by Chris Senn. The site hosts a large amount of Chris Senn's own development materials, such as numerous storylines, character and level textures, videos, and music. There is also a small amount of material belonging to Hirokazu Yasuhara. There are also the Senntient forums that link in with the Sonic X-treme Compendium, which Chris Senn visits under the username "Kurisu".

External Links