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<forumuser name="Yuski" /> Yuski is a Brazilian Sonic ROM hacker, and an Oldbie at Sonic Retro. Yuski has worked on various hacks such as Mighty the Armadillo, which replaces Sonic with Mighty along with other features. He has also made a joint hack with Esrael, the creator of the Sonic 2 Delta series, called Sonic Gaiden. Also, Yuski reworked Mighty sprites for Tweaker´s Sonic Megamix.

Yuski is very well known for his animation skills, for doing a 10 minutes long animation for the 15 years of Sonic, which was dubbed in English, French and Brazilian Portuguese (this on, had the official Brazilian voice actor of Sonic in the cast.)

At the moment he works on his own project, XDRAGOON an online comic series and animation as well.


  • [Rom Hacking World] — Yuski's Rom Hacking Website. At the moment, is offline
  • DeviantArt — Yuski's deviantArt Gallery
  • XDRAGOON — Webcomic series