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<forumuser name="Tiddles" /> Tiddles joined Sonic Retro on Christmas Day 2009 after reading occasional topics for several years.

His main reason to finally join was to post his Sonic 3 Complete hack, which, having always preferred the Sonic 3 music over that of Sonic & Knuckles, began as a simply an alternate version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles using this music set for his own use, having found and followed instructions posted in the public some time earlier by shobiz. After noticing that a DAC sample in one of the replaced tracks sounded incorrect, he spent some time tracking down the reason why and fixing it in the disassembly. Having successfully solved that problem, he moved on to try to make the entire presentation more like that of Sonic 3 and fix some other issues in the game that had bothered him in his childhood, while deliberately trying to avoid deviating the gameplay from the original, to allow the hack to remain a suitable drop-in replacement for Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This hack earned him the Tech Member title shortly after it was posted.

He has no current plans to engage in any other hacking projects due to limited spare time.

He is also second in command of retro Final Fantasy resource Caves of Narshe, though he has contributed little since 2005 due to these same time constraints.