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<forumuser name="RGamer2009" />RGamer2009 is a relatively new active member of the Sonic Scene, joining after Sonic Unleashed was released. He lurked for quite some time before joining, even before Unleashed was leaked.

He doesn't have much knowledge of hacking, but he does have vast knowledge of video-games both past and present, along with Sonic knowledge, as he grew up with the Sega Genesis titles.

He did a comprehensive video series for Sonic 3 & Knuckles named
Sonic Retro
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Level Swap
, where he switched Sonic and Knuckles into each others' level layouts with interesting and weird results. He has also done a mini-series on Sonic 3 Level Swap, and a Let's Play series on the hack Mecha Sonic in Sonic 1.

He has also done various music mixes and mash-ups, mostly Sonic-related. He puts all these videos and more on his YouTube account.

He also edits the Wiki constantly, putting his vast Sonic knowledge to good use, and doing touch-ups where he sees fit.