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Frozen Nitrogen, despite having entered the Sonic fandom on the ground floor with Sonic the Hedgehog 1, didn't join the Sonic scene until Summer 2008, having been too stupid to figure out how to work the Internet until then. Despite his profligate wiki tinkering, both on the Sonic News Network and on Sonic Retro, he maintains that he's a writer of needlessly overcomplicated fanfiction first and foremost.

He is particularly adept at pissing off nineko and SOTI by uploading screenshots with haze filters, dulled palletes, inaccurate file extentions, and the wrong resolution all at the same time. After being given Wiki Sysops powers in June '09, he stepped up his campaign to ensure that no-one can read Sonic Retro without a dictionary in one hand and a bottle of fluoxetine in the other.

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