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Afti (formerly known as Insanity) is a member on Sonic Retro, who is currently working on the Sonic 1 hack Sonic 1 With Fries. He is also currently working on complete inclusion of data from the Nemesis documents in SCHG: Sonic The Hedgehog.


Afti joined Sonic Retro in late 2008, and posted the original Sonic 1 With Fries topic (then untitled) topic. Not posting outside of it during his period as a Trial Member, he was promoted to full membership. Since then, he has done nothing of importance for the scene, although Sonic 1 With Fries is well-received and still in active development.


  • Afti's current username came from a Scrabble hand.
  • Afti has an IQ of 147, and got a 28 on the ACT when he was 13.