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Fast Facts on Sonic Drift 2 SMS

Version: b2
Last Release: 2009/6/1
System: Sega Master System
Original Game: Sonic Drift 2
Credits: Shibunoa

Sonic Drift 2 SMS is a Master System port by Shibunoa of Sonic Drift 2, which was released only for the Game Gear and never got a Master System version.

Bugs and Glitches

Sonic Drift 2 SMS is still in an early state so there are a number of noticeable bugs, as of July 2009 these include:

  • The palette uploading routine has been totally rewritten.
  • The title screen now checks if button 1 is pressed, instead of Game Gear's Start.
  • The ROM checksum has been fixed, and it will boot with US/European BIOS.
  • Full Screen (With occasional garbage / glitch due to the engine writing stuff outside of the Game Gear’s screen area.)
Working but faulty:
  • Can't exit demo mode (you have to wait for it to finish).
  • Status is shown in the middle of the screen during races.
  • Some garbage is shown in the top right part of the screen during races.
  • Some things look like they're cut in some screens, (e.g. tails body in the menus).
Known bugs:
  • Can't pause in a race.
  • Colors sometimes appear wrong.

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File: (284 kB) (info)
Current version: b2

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