Sonic Dreams Collection

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Fast Facts on Sonic Dreams Collection

Latest Release Date: August 10, 2015
Engine: Unity
Credits: Arcane Kids, Cyborgdino

Sonic Dreams Collection is a fan game created by Arcane Kids that got media attention because of its absurdity. It's a collection of four "prototypes" of Sonic games developed by fictional developer "MJSTUDIO". These were supposedly uncovered in 2013 on a Dreamcast developer kit, which was found by self proclaimed hacker supergroup "Arcane Kid$". These four games are called Make My Sonic, Eggman Origin, Sonic Movie Maker and My Roommate Sonic.

The game was released through Arcane Kids' newsletter. The newsletter linked to a Tumblr blog called "HEDGEHOG EXPOSED 2015®", for which the password "grandpa" was needed to access it.


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