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Sonic: The Movie, later named Sonic: Wonders of the World, was a proposed film adaptation of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Developed by Trilogy Entertainment Group in association with MGM Studios, the film was meant to be live action with various practical and special effects bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to life.Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[1] Work began on the project in 1994 and continued into the following year, but was ultimately cancelled.

There are currently two known treatments of this unmade Sonic the Hedgehog feature, each vastly different: Sonic: The Movie from November 11, 1994, and Sonic: Wonders of the World from May 18, 1995.


Sonic: The Movie

In an isolated jungle, an unknown man is chased by a terrifying group of snakes with wolf-like heads. Stumbling, the man is caught by the creatures, dragged to a pit with "a mass of pulsating fungi glowing a bright phosphorescent green."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[2] Though defiant at first, he screams as a two-headed creature approaches him.

At the same time, many miles away, Jimmy Hedgeman also screams as he joyrides with his friend. Seventeen years old, he gets pulled over by the police for speeding while attempting to impress two teenage girls sitting in his backseat. His third traffic violation since getting his license, he tries to talk his way out of another ticket. Opening the glove compartment, he accidentally reveals an empty beer can his friend was drinking, causing everyone to be taken to the police station. Jimmy reluctantly calls his father, Dr. Hedgeman, to come pick him up. The doctor, who is currently "working on a government funded program that is trying to unlock the mysteries of the DNA puzzle,"Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[3] is forced to leave his lab.

The two drive in silence, Jimmy's father turning off the radio. Returning to his lab at Stanford, he tells his son to wait while he continues work on his experiment. Jimmy, dressed in a bomber jacket with the words "Sonic or Bust" on the back, looks alone at a photograph of his grandfather hung over his fathers desk. The man in the image is wearing the same jacket Jimmy is, standing next to an aircraft. Bored, Jimmy wanders into the lab as his father is focused on his experiment, trying to rejuvenate a dying plant.

Looking at the animals sitting in his fathers lab, he pulls one out of its cage: a hedgehog named "Squeakers." He attempts to be funny, but is cut off once his father realizes what is going on. "Put that back," his father shouts, and soon the two begin to argue. Dr. Hedgeman asks his son when he'll grow up, Jimmy becoming defensive. After all, he only made a mistake, which he can admit. The two go back and forth, Jimmy's grandfather being brought up at one point. "I know, I know, Hedgemans always make their make their mark. My grandfather was killed trying to break the sound barrier, trying to leave his mark."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[4] Jimmy's father has had enough, threatening to send his son to a military academy. The fight is interrupted by a phone call, which the doctor answers. Jimmy storms out, ready to leave the building until he realizes he forgot his backpack.

After Jimmy leaves, three men, pretending to be maintenance workers, enter the lab. The main one, named Face, "has a severe skin condition that makes his skin look like it's almost dripping off his face."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[5] They accost Dr. Hedgeman, asking if he's given thought to their boss's offer: unlimited funds and a brand new lab if he works for their unnamed benefactor. Dr. Hedgeman tells them no. While they speak, Jimmy returns, overhearing the conversation. Not wanting to be spotted, he hides in a large storage cabinet. From inside, he watches as one of the men pulls out a gun. The doctor uses the cabinet that Jimmy is in as a distraction, throwing it to the floor as he tries to escape. However, Dr. Hedgeman is quickly subdued. Jimmy remains trapped, attempting to get out of the cabinet, only to notice his hand has been stabbed with a piece of glass, a blue liquid seeping into his wound. He pulls the glass out, vision blurry and feeling sick for a moment.

Getting free, Jimmy watches as the men leave with his father. He heads to the police station seeking help, but starts talking incredibly fast, making them suspicious. Soon, a high speed chase begins, Jimmy weaving through traffic all the while feeling ill, and at one point briefly seeing his hair turn blue. Eventually crashing into a police vehicle, Jimmy runs from the scene in the blink of an eye. He turns to his Spanish teacher, Mrs. Deedhammer for help. She reluctantly lets him in her house at 3 A.M., where he explains what happened. She humors him, but goes to call the police. Learning enough about where the men who kidnapped his father could have come from, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hedgeman meets the man responsible for his current predicament. Dr. Paul Elleson, "a legendary science recluse" who "made a fortune on the first patent for synthetic blood."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[6] Presumed dead for the last decade, he begins to tell Dr. Hedgeman his backstory: born without fingers on one hand, he became "The Fingerless Virtuoso," where people would watch him play the violin while feeling sorry for him. As he tells the story, he removes his fingers from one hand, which crawl up Dr. Hedgemon's face and cover his mouth, briefly suffocating him. Before any major damage can happen, the fingers free him, returning to Elleson. Eventually, he tells Dr. Hedgeman why he has brought him to the island. Wanting to "eliminate the world's imperfections and frailties which deprive all organisms of living in communal harmony," he "plans to find the key to manipulating DNA so that he can transform the essence of life in all creatures and humankind into elite perfection."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[7]

Pretending to be his father, Jimmy is able to book a flight to South America. While on the plane, he experiences dizziness and nausea, his palms also turning blue. Before anyone can see what is going on, he rushes to the bathroom, causing a commotion he tries to play off as nothing once he emerges. Once the plane lands, he approaches some locals to charter a boat and arrive at the island he believes his father to be on. He is led away from the city, mugged, then thrown into a river. Left to drown, he miraculously survives, emerging on an unknown jungle island in the middle of the night. Hearing the wildlife, he grabs a rock to defend himself. His focus suddenly shifts to the worms he sees living under the rock. Hit with hunger, Jimmy uncontrollably eats the worms. He notices his reflection in some nearby water, realizing that he looks like "some kind of strange animal."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[8] He climbs up a tree, throws up, and turns back into Jimmy before being grabbed from behind, passing out.

When Jimmy awakes, he finds himself strapped to a stretcher. He meets Amanda Morgan, a "half girl, half wild-woman"Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[9] accompanied by some mutant creatures. One of them, named Kentar, is eventually nicknamed "Knuckles" by Jimmy. Taken to a mutant village, he is presented to Taticus, the village elder. Taticus is unimpressed, giving the villagers permission to kill him. Amanda begs him to spare Jimmy's life, telling Taticus she's "seen him transform and he should be allowed 'The Test' to prove it."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[10] Taken to a hut, Jimmy lies "bruised and battered" when Amanda visits him, bringing him food. She calls him Sonic, assuming the name on the jacket is his. She tells him that he has a chance for reprisal from death.

The next day, Jimmy faces Knuckles. He tries to transform, but doesn't know how, Knuckles easily overcoming him. Head under water, Jimmy is about to drown until he finally turns into a blue blur. He emerges as Sonic the Hedgehog, easily overcoming Knuckles' strength. Before the fight can end, two attack helicopters fly overhead, accompanied by a group of snake hunters on the ground. The force has been sent by Elleson, looking to capture some of his past failures to feed to his most recent creations. Chaos ensues, with multiple mutants including Knuckles being captured. Before Amanda can be caught, Sonic rushes over and rescues her, the pair fleeing into the jungle. It is only after the raid that Jimmy learns who Elleson is and that Amanda's father once worked for Elleson. Her father, after hiding her in the mutant village, went missing.

Looking over footage from the raid, Elleson notices an unknown human, killing one of the helicopter pilots for letting him escape. He orders Face to find him, but the captured Knuckles offers his services in exchange for Elleson to leave him and the other villagers alone. He explains that this stranger has the ability to transform into a mutant. Elleson gives Knuckles 24 hours to capture Jimmy. Afterwards, Dr. Hedgeman, who recognized his son in the footage, is able to discover Elleson's true plan: to have the world be covered in his mutated creations, and to transform all of humanity into half human, half creature-like beings.

Jimmy and Amanda gather a small team of mutants to storm Elleson's compound, but they are immediately stopped. Jimmy blames himself, but Taticus reassures him, saying "I believe you will be the one to lead my people to freedom. You must learn to harness your skills and learn quickly."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[11] Before Taticus can fully train Jimmy, he is shot by Face. Knuckles discovers the elder's body, and feeling betrayed, tells the villagers what Elleson's plans are. Jimmy learns to control his Sonic abilities, and they once again storm the compound. This time, Sonic is captured.

Sonic is strapped to a table, Elleson monitoring Sonic. Every two minutes, blood is drawn, Elleson studying it. Sonic nicknames Elleson "Robotnik" for his "cold mechanical methodology."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[12] Using Sonic's DNA, Elleson is able to find the missing piece of his master plan. With the finalized serum, he prepares a rocket that will launch with the help of the volcano his base is stationed around. He tells his henchmen to take Sonic and Dr. Hedgeman away. They are cast into the pit of the two-headed creature, and as they run, the pair have a heart to heart moment. Luckily, Amanda and Knuckles are able to rescue them from the creature. Reunited, the four go to stop Elleson. Dr. Hedgemon sends out an S.O.S. as the others fight Elleson and his forces. During the fight, Elleson grabs the DNA serum, "[transforming] into a hideous, gigantic mutation beyond anything we've seen so far."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[13] Sonic tries to attack him, but nothing seems to work. Finally, he "gathers all his energy and spins through the volcanic rock to the launching pad"Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[14] that has the DNA serum rocket, causing the volcano to come alive. The heat ruins the DNA capsules, and the base crumbles as Sonic, Amanda, Knuckles, and Dr. Hedgeman escape.

The mutant villagers cheer as Elleson is defeated. In the distance, help can be seen, coming to evacuate the island. Dr. Hedgeman apologizes to his son, and tells him he is proud. Jimmy returns the apology, then declares "You thought it was tough raising an ordinary teenager, you ain't seen nothing yet!"Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[15]

Sonic: Wonders of the World

Twelve year old Josh Pinski, standing in front of his class, speaks about a "daring pilot" adorned in a "leather jacket with a blue hedgehog in it," attempting to break the speed barrier. "His leather jacket spins off into the clouds, its blue hedgehog fading into oblivion," he continues, broken out of his trance by the laughter of his classmates.Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[16] The teacher is not amused. The report Josh was meant to give, "The History of Sonic," is unfinished, and gives the student until tomorrow to finish it or else his parents will be called to the school. Josh dreads this, his parents having recently gotten divorced.

His father, Hal Pinski, picks him from school. "Hal is an out-of-work computer techie, too much the wild thinker to keep a steady 'normal' job."Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[17] His most recent project has been the eXtremely Radical Intelligence (XRI), "an artificial intelligence computer utilizing a unique system of holographic memory."Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[17] Without his father's knowledge, Josh uses the XRI to write his report on Sonic. At first, the XRI is useless, not knowing what Sonic is, forcing Josh to connect his Sega Saturn to the computer. Turning on the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game, he plays it a bit. However, Sonic stops responding to the controller, becoming aware. He speaks to Josh briefly before stepping out of the screen and into the real world. Sonic zooms around the apartment, taking in all the sights and sounds, causing a mess in the process.

With Josh and Sonic distracted, they do not notice a rabbit jumping through the screen. The rabbit transforms into Dr. Robotnik, howling with laughter. It is then that Sonic finally notices the mad doctor, chasing after him. However, the rules of the real world confuse him, and he loses Robotnik's trail. He also discovers that he is becoming weaker the longer he is out in the real world.

When Hal returns home, he finds the apartment a mess and the XRI destroyed. Josh lies and says that a burglar had broken in and caused the chaos. Neighbors are able to corroborate the story, having mistaken Sonic for a burglar, and an A.P.B. is put out matching Sonic's description. Hal's ex-wife, Lisa, arrives, and quickly fights with her ex-husband for leaving their kid alone. She takes Josh with her to spend the night at her place.

Luckily, Sonic is able to track down Josh. He tells Josh about losing Robotnik and his weakening state. Josh tries to revitalize him with cereal and peppers, but Sonic knows the only way to charge back up is to use the power of a Chaos Emerald. The pair work in secret, Sonic discovering that Chaos Emeralds do indeed exist in the real world, hiding in ordinary rocks. Josh also uses the power of an emerald to write his term paper in 30 seconds, but "Sonic warns Josh: never use the powers of the chaos emeralds unless you are a master, or you could get hurt badly."Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[18]

Dr. Robotnik finds an abandoned amusement park, which he uses as his base while learning about the real world. He recruits a group of bullies, who he transforms into Bullibots, and forces them to dig under the amusement park, looking for the elusive Chaos Emeralds. They move beyond the park, alerting Sonic and Josh to their existence.

Hal finally gets a job working at the former Ramshackle Amusement Park, now re-opening as the Botnikland Amusement Park. It is an immediate success, luring kids in with free admission and ice cream. Sonic and Josh investigate, and discover that Robotnik is the one behind the new park, kidnapping children and "[replacing] them with Kinder-Bot robo-clones. The real kids are put to work digging under the town, cracking rocks, finding the one-in-a-million chaos emerald. The perfect-angel Kinder-Bot clones go home with the parents."Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[18] The pair also learn that Robotnik wants to digitize the natural wonders of the world, forcing people to pay him money to experience them in virtual reality. The pair get discovered by the Bullibots, Sonic giving Josh a piece of a Chaos Emerald to help him escape. Before he can do the same, Sonic gets captured by Robotnik.

The parents of the town do not notice their children have been replaced. If anything, they are happy that all their children are suddenly behaving. Josh, knowing he has to "stand up for what you believe,"Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[19] tells his mom the entire story. She cries, calling a psychiatrist. However, he is able to somehow convince his parents that he is telling the truth. In order to save Sonic, Josh and his parents use the XRI to teleport to the game world. Josh teams up with Sonic, and together they are able to defeat Robotnik.[20] A touching moment passes as the family leaves, Sonic staying behind. "Josh and his parents have re-discovered each other through the ordeal, and return to the real world closer than ever."Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[21] While Lisa is impressed with Hal's invention, he knows that it's too dangerous, entrusting it to his son. Josh promises never to use it, looking over at a television nearby. Sonic winks.


In 1993, the director of entertainment and consumer products for Sega of America, Michealene Cristini Risley, began actively pursuing a Sonic the Hedgehog theatrical release. Getting the go-ahead from Sega of Japan, Risley soon sat down with a number of producers, including Edward Pressman, attempting to figure out who best to partner with in developing a Sonic feature film. Though Tom Kalinske was confident in the Sonic brand, there was some worry over what a critical failure for a hypothetical Sonic movie could do to public perception of the brand, such as the case with the live action Super Mario Bros. movie. Michealene Risley, however, was not put off by Mario's failure, continuing to push for the project. In August 1994, Sega signed a deal with MGM Studios and Trilogy Entertainment Group.[22] Over the next few months, all parties involved had a number of meetings discussing what the story of the film would be. One element that Sega was insistent on was the incorporation of the Sonic origin the development team of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game had come up with,[20] specifically the elements featuring an unnamed test pilot attempting to break the sound barrier and losing his life in the process.

A first draft for the treatment of Sonic: The Movie, written by Trilogy Entertainment founder Pen Dansham and Richard B. Lewis, was completed on November 11, 1994.Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[23] Thirty pages long, the story follows a reimagined Sonic as a teenage boy named Jimmy Hedgeman who, following a laboratory accident, could transform into Sonic the Hedgehog. The outline also featured a character named Dr. Paul Elleson, a bio engineering mad scientist who lived on a remote South American island with his mutant creations. Dr. Elleson, who is eventually given the nickname Robotnik, wishes to turn the Earth's population into mutants by polluting the planet's water supply. Intended to be an origin story, the studio wanted it to both "introduce a new mythology to the movie going audience" and be "darker and edgier in tone than the existing video game." To bring Sonic the Hedgehog to life, the idea was to "utilize multiple film elements including live action, full motion animatronics and puppetry and state-of-the-art computer generated images."Media:SonicTheMovie_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1994-11-11.pdf[1] This version of the movie would soon be abandoned, those involved seeking a different direction.

Sega and Trilogy Entertainment soon approached Richard Jeffries, a screenwriter whom Risley had worked with during her time at Marvel in an attempt to make a Silver Surfer feature film. Jefferies accepted, and would speak to Yuji Naka and other members of the Sega Technical Institute before starting work on their initial treatment.[22] A draft of this treatment, called Sonic: Wonders of the World, would be completed on May 18, 1995.Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[16] An eight page outline, the story focuses on a twelve year old named Josh Pinski who, while playing a copy of Sonic X-treme, has Sonic the Hedgehog enter the real world. It would also have Dr. Robotnik follow, Sonic and his friend having to stop his evil plan of digitizing the natural wonders of the real world into a virtual reality amusement park. Shinobu Toyoda, Executive Vice President and COO of Sega of America, would comment on this version that while he supported it "in principle," he expressed his desire for the film to "[add] a strong/mean villain other than Robotnik since [for] the Sonic video gamers Sonic/Robotnik confrontation is not new."Media:SonicWOTW_Treatment_TrilogyEnt_1995-05-18.pdf[24]

According to Jefferies, the treatment was well received. However, there were some concerns at Sega, especially at Sega of Japan:

We were all very nervous about it... I was at Amblin when we were in the midst of Roger Rabbit. I was just the assistant to [executive producer] Kathleen Kennedy, but I saw what was going on. It’s a very complicated process. And I think more than us, Japan was very nervous.

— Michealene Cristini Risley, Director of Entertainment and Consumer Products, SOA[22]

Before Richard Jefferies could receive any notes from Sega and start writing the first draft, the project was shelved at both MGM Studios and Trilogy Entertainment. The production company, unable to find common ground with Sega regarding their requests for the story, pulled out of their agreement with Sega.

I pulled us out of the project when I realized that Sega wanted to hold onto the original developers origin story which I could not see working in a film structure. And they did not want to insult the game developer by letting us work out a more feature friendly approach.

— Pen Dansham, Trilogy Entertainment founder[22]

Trilogy Entertainment would go on to refund MGM Studios the development fees incurred during pre-production. Without the backing of MGM, Sega allowed Jefferies to try and sell the treatment he had written to another film studio. He approached Dreamworks, but the studio was not interested in picking up the project, citing the cost to license the property. With that, the project in its current state would cease all development.[22]


Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)/Development#Cancellation and attempted relaunches
Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic the Hedgehog (film)/Development

After Trilogy's project stalled, several other attempts at producing a Sonic the Hedgehog film would occur, some getting further than others. Ben Hurst, one of the main writers on the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog series, attempted to garner support for a continuation of the series as a possible film. He reached out to an executive at Sega of America in March of 2000, but his attempts would not gain enough traction.[25]

Ken Penders, writer on the Sonic the Hedgehog series by Archie Comics, pitched his own Sonic film project to Sega in 2003. Entitled Sonic Armageddon, Ken teamed up with producer Larry Houston, best known for his work on X-Men: The Animated Series.[26] Talks with Ken's team would cease after Sega of Japan chose to focus on the forthcoming Sonic X television series.[27] After the series finished production, however, Penders and Houston would be asked by Sega to once again work on their pitch for a Sonic film.[28] These talks would continue until 2007, when a corporate shakeup at Sega, coupled with the passing of Sega Licensing Manager Robert Leffler, would end work on the project.[29]

The film rights to Sonic the Hedgehog would be acquired by Sony Pictures in 2013,[30] who would work to develop the project until 2017 when they were acquired by Paramount Pictures.[31] This version of the film would eventually be released on February 14th, 2020.[32]

Though rumors of a Sonic feature film existed in the 90's, the first details concerning its development were detailed in the book Lights, Camera, Game Over!: How Video Game Movies Get Made by Luke Owen. Coverage focused on the Sonic: Wonders of the World treatment, featuring interviews with Michealene Cristini Risley, Richard Jefferies, and Pen Dansham.[22] A partial version of this treatment would be uploaded to Twitter on March 8, 2022, following an interview with Michealene Risley, conducted by Jacob Berkley, the "SatAM Historian."[33]

The original treatment, Sonic: The Movie, was discovered by community member Will of "The Game Show Game" Twitch channel after purchasing it from a former SEGA employee in 2023. It was publicly unveiled on February 12, 2024 in a The Game Show Game Twitch stream read through hosted by Will with special guests including Sonic video creator Cybershell, and SEGAbits admin Barry the Nomad.[34]

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