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Level select

Somari NES LevelSelect.png

In most versions of the game, press Left Down B A Right Up A B Up Down Up Down A+Start on the title screen. In Doraemon, press A B Select Up Down Left Right A+Start instead.

Unused content


Art Description
A "Mario" logo, likely a name used early in development. The bottom of the logo was overwritten by tiles used in the Somari title screen.
Somari shoe monitor .gif
A monitor for an unused Power Sneakers power-up.
Somari RobotnikFall.PNG
Somari RobotnikRun.gif
Sprites of Dr. Eggman falling after defeat and running.


Audio Description
The Chaos Emerald jingle from Sonic the Hedgehog. There are no Chaos Emeralds in this game but the sound effect was used in Kart Fighter, another unlicensed game.
The continue jingle from Sonic the Hedgehog. Unused because there are no continues in this game.

Scrap Brain Zone


Using Game Genie code IEVAZZAA will take the player to the remnants of Scrap Brain Zone after losing a life. The title card reads "Final Zone Act 1" and uses tiles from Star Light Zone and Final Zone, using the former's music.


Somari FC title.png

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