Propeller Hammer

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SonicHeroes GC PropellerHammer.png
Propeller Hammer
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
User: Amy Rose
Type: Flight

The Propeller HammerMedia:SonicHeroes GC US manual.pdf[1] (プロペラハンマーMedia:SonicHeroes PS2 JP manual.pdf[2]) is a move performed exclusively by Amy Rose, first seen in Sonic Heroes. By spinning her Piko Piko Hammer, Amy can use this move to briefly fly through the air.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

First seen in Sonic Heroes, Amy can perform the move by jumping and then holding A (GC & Xbox)/X (PS2) in mid-air while in Speed formation. Amy will begin spinning her Piko Piko Hammer with a trail of pink hearts, and the resulting updraft will keep her afloat in the air, allowing her to safely fly across gaps. However, she will begin losing altitude after a few seconds and eventually stop.

It is possible to lead into this move after using the Tornado Hammer by holding A (GC & Xbox)/X (PS2) during the aforementioned move's animation. For even more flight time, the player can first use the Propeller Hammer, immediately perform the Tornado Hammer when they start running out of flight time, then perform the Propeller Hammer again, repeating the same sequence of moves as many times as they need.

Sonic Generations

In Sonic Generations, Amy will use the Propeller Hammer to fly during her race against Classic Sonic in the Sky Sanctuary Challenge Act "Amy: Topsy Turvy". Unlike the move's appearance in Sonic Heroes, Amy is able to gain altitude at will. Classic Sonic must take care not to get hit by the move, otherwise he will be knocked down for a few seconds.