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Species: Computer virus
Gender: N/A (referred to as male)
Series: Sonic Boom
First seen: "Let's Play Musical Friends"

Nominatus is a character who appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is a living computer virus with the goal of conquering the real world and destroying all of its lifeforms.

Personality and traits

As a computer virus, Nominatus is capable of manipulating cyberspace, allowing him to hijack computer systems and use them to his own ends. In the real world, his powers are weaker, but he is still shown to be able to manipulate electrical objects to his bidding.


Nominatus made his first appearance in the episode "Let's Play Musical Friends", where he at first becomes friends with Dr. Eggman and engages in conversations with him, in turn causing Orbot and Cubot to feel neglected by their master. This was all a ploy, as Nominatus tricked Eggman into showing him his lair's schematics, enabling him to take control of it and all of his machines and use them to attack the real world. When confronted by Orbot and Cubot in cyberspace, the two robots played a game of "Rock, Donut, Thursday" to decide who should fight him, and the sheer illogicalities of the game fries his circuits and causes him to explode, releasing his control of Eggman's robots.

Although he was seemingly destroyed, Nominatus returns in the episode "Nominatus Rising" (according to Bill Freiberger, he merely short-circuited and wasn't actually killed[1]), this time joined by his lackeys Beta and Retro. He discovers Tails' Build-it Box while spying on Eggman, and uses the machine to transport himself and his minions to the real world, though they entered at a really small size and thus they had to recalibrate the machine to make themselves bigger. Once in the real world, they proceeded to use the Build-it Box to transport their army into reality to infect it, but are defeated by the heroes and Eggman. Nominatus is then shrunk back down by the Build-it Box and kept as a pet along with his lackeys in Eggman's lair.

Voice actors


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