Jebediah Badger

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SonicBoom JebediahBadger Profile.png
Jebediah Badger
Species: Badger
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (deceased)
Series: Sonic Boom
First seen: "Unnamed Episode"

Jebediah Badger is a character who appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He was an anthropomorphic badger who became an evil bank owner and land developer and founded Hedgehog Village, and the ancestor of Sticks the Badger.

Personality and traits

Described as "the" authority figure of his time by his descendant, Jebediah Badger exhibited all the negative traits of a government official: greedy, selfish, oppressive and utterly corrupt. He used his desire for power and wealth to ruthlessly abuse his authority without conscience or remorse to his own benefit, even going as far as sadistically kicking families out of their homes.


Generations ago, Jebediah Badger founded a town on Seaside Island, naming it "Badgerville" in honour of himself. Jebediah used his influence to gain power through corruption of the system, forcing people out of their homes to develop on their lands and expand his fortune. The villagers eventually grew to despise Jebediah enough that they rebelled and chased him out of town, tearing down all signs in Badgerville that bore his face and name, but were too lazy to put up new signs in their place, leading the village to become the "Unnamed Village" and its original name, and Jebediah's by extension, being forgotten. Despite this, Jebediah never relinquished his ownership of the land.

Even after generations had passed, Jebediah and his family were still scorned by the villagers' descendants, with a great deal of hatred even being directed at Jebediah's great-great granddaughter and only descendant Sticks the Badger once her relation to Jebediah became known to the public, almost driving her out of town. However, being Jebediah's descendant has allowed Sticks to inherit his ownership of the Unnamed Village, which she used to stop Dr. Eggman's plan of taking over the village and clear her name before handing the village over to the people.


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