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Fast Facts on Metal Sonic Rebooted

Version: Rev 1.12
Last Release: 11/27/2017
Status: Complete
System: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Original Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: Lone Devil

Metal Sonic Rebooted is a complete heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by Lone Devil for the Sega Genesis. it features an extensive amount of new art, layouts, mechanics, music, and features that in total creates a different experience.


Dr'Robotnik has built an advanced army of badniks to search for the Chaos Emeralds, and it's up to Metal Sonic to find the emeralds before them by destroying everything in his way to show Robotnik he shouldn't be replaced.



  • Down + A/B/C - Spindash
  • Down (Midair) - Fastfall. Fall instantly downwards at a rolling state, holding the jump button while bouncing off from a monitor or badnik will boost your jumpheight.
  • Up + A/B/C - Overdrive Attack. Burst with incredible speed at the cost of 10 rings.
  • Up + A/B (Midair) - Vertical Aerial Dash. Holding the jump button will blast you upwards to reach upper routes or shortcuts at the cost of 10 rings.
  • Left/Right + A/B (Midair) - Aerial Dash. Blast horizontally quickly at the cost of 20 rings, can be used to reach or skip chunks of areas.
  • C (Midair) - Super Transformation (Requires all 7 Chaos Emeralds + 50 Rings)

NOTE: You can Roll (A/B/C) in midair while on a walking state to avoid getting hit.

Gameplay Features

  • Introducing Bomb from Knuckles Chaotix as a temporary sidekick. mirrors your movement in Special Stages and explodes rings when hit.
  • By taking advantage of the amount of rings you have, using Aerial Dashes will fasten your runs. Rings get saved each act.
  • You start off with 3 Continues in Normal difficulty, but 0 in Hard.
  • Getting hit will only lose 10 rings. (Hard Mode is back to zero)
  • All Special Stage layouts are changed, having Bomb will moderately increase the amount of total rings. (except at Hard Mode)

Fun Facts

  • Playing in NTSC-J region will translate the title screen logo to Japanese.
  • Sonic 2 Continues, Level Select, and Debug Mode cheats will still function.
  • Metal Sonic can't drown underwater.
  • Slowducking from Sonic 3 & Knuckles has been adapted.
  • Metal Sonic Rebooted is a spiritual successor to Metal Sonic Hyperdrive.


MSRmonring.png Gives 10+ Rings.

MSRmonshield.png Gives Blue Shield, no knockback when hit.

MSRmonbomb.png Spawns Bomb. will give 30+ Rings if Bomb is around.

MSRmonspeed.png We're not gonna make it, let's Speed Up!

MSRmoninvinci.png Gives Invincibility for a while.

MSRmon1up.png Gives an Extra Life.

MSRmonfakering.png Hazardous trap, only found in Twinkle Slider.

MSRmonlitering.png Gives 5+ Rings, only found in Twinkle Slider.




  • KCEXE - Music and SFX ports from various Genesis/Megadrive games
  • Eduardo Knuckles - Music for Magma Factory
  • Clownacy - Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2
  • Dark Sonic - Hardware Testing for v1.1

Hardware Disclaimer

There's a likely chance that a freeze will trigger after passing through a signpost. (holding right while offscreen increases the chances).


Download.svg Download Metal Sonic Rebooted
File: (738 kB) (info)
Current version: 1.12

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