Heads or Tails (transcript)

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[Scene opens over Robotropolis through the clouds.]

Swatbot: ETA, Planet Mobius, 30 seconds.

[A small vessel flies through the city. The vessel is being piloted by a Swatbot with Dr. Robotnik and his pet Cluck]

Swatbot: 5 seconds, Doctor Robotnik.

[Robotnik gleefully pets Cluck.]

Robotnik: Aaah, home, Cluck. I do miss the beauty of this place when I'm away.

[The vessel arrives at Robotnik's lair, landing on a platform. Snively walks up as the vessel lands, checking his hair, with the vessel deploying a ramp to the platform. Robotnik leaves his vessel via the ramp.]

Snively: Good morning, Dr. Robotnik. Exciting trip?

[Robotnik walks past Snively with Cluck.]

Robotnik: Absolutely.

[Snively nods at Robotnik approaches the entrance to his lair, with Snively behind him, guarded by two Swatbots. Cluck looks at Snively disapprovingly, causing Snively to bring out a remote making Cluck's right eye spring out. He presses the remote again returning him to normal.]

Robotnik: Well, what is it Cluck? Does he need another head adjustment?

[Robotnik takes Cluck and starts rotating his head. He responds with joy. Robotnik continues he trek to the enterance, with the Swatbots acknowledging him as he passes by with the door opening. Snively follows, acknowledging the Swatbots, but the door closes on him, knocking him back. The Swatbots laugh, but when Snively brings out a remote, they go back to their guard.]

[Scene switches to Robotnik's control room. Robotnik is sitting in his chair in the middle of the vast room with Snively at his feet.]

Robotnik: Any hint of that troublesome hedgehog?

Snively: Not exactly, Doctor Robotnik.

Robotnik: What do you mean, 'not exactly'? Either there is, or isn't.

Snively: Well see, I...but I...err..

[One of the screens infront of Robotnik and Snively activate, showing Tails picking flowers.]

Snively: Emergency, Doctor Robotnik. Monitor ten.

[Robotnik looks closely at the monitor from his seat.]

Robotnik: Heh, isn't that one of those pathetic little Freedom Fighters?

Snively: Affirmative, sir. His name is Tails, and he is usually accompanied by Sonic.

[Robotnik sits back in his chair]

Robotnik: Take him. Perhaps his cries will flush out that hedgehog.

[Scene switches to outside the Great Forest. Tails continues to pick flowers in a clear patch. He takes a big whiff of the flowers he is holding. ]

Tails: Princess Sally will love these. I can't wait to give them to her.

[He takes another sniff, but has a large sneeze, knocking him backwards into a tree. He rolls back and lands on his head. Looking through his tails, he sees a buzzbomber approach. Using his tails, he flies away.]

[Elsewhere, Rotor is rummaging through his backpack, humming to himself. He takes out a hammer.]

Rotor: Mmm, nope. [A wrench] Uh, uh. [A screwdriver] Nope. [A fish, which he gleefully eats.]

Sonic: Are you ready, Rotor?

Rotor: Ready!

[Sonic enters the scene infront of Rotor to a spotlit area with an electric guitar. He plays a long riff and Spin Dashes aside to another spotlit area, playing a solo on the guitar.

Sonic: ♫ Hey hey, Sal. Don't you call me a fool, 'cause baby you know I'm way past cool. Way past cool!

[He returns back to Rotor and plays another riff.]

Sonic: Way past cool, huh? How do you like the entrance? You know, the way I come flying in, hit the ole' Axl Rose pose right on the down beat.

Rotor: Sally won't like it. It's too hard rock, it's gotta be softer.

[Sonic takes his guitar and slams it on the ground.]

Sonic: Softer?! What do you mean softer?! Oh, I hate softer! Softer is for pillow, for ice cream. Music has got to move, gotta be pedal-to-the-metal, [Rotor eats another fish] it's gotta...

Rotor: Balance.

Sonic: Balance, schmalance, nuh-uh, no way, man. Balance makes me wanna hurl. Ugh. [He imitates nausea, but stops] Chunkage contained.

Tails: Sonic!!

[Tails is seen flying towards Rotor and Sonic, with the buzzbomber in pursuit.]

Sonic: Thought you said Tails was picking flowers.

Rotor: He was, two minutes ago.

[Sonic tosses his guitar to Rotor and dashes off toward Tails.]

[In Robotnik's lair, Robotnik and Cluck are staring at the monitor, showing the buzzbomber pursuing Tails.]

Robotnik: The fowl little beast is our's, Cluck. Ha ha, yesss.

[The monitor shows the buzzbomber firing at Tails, however, Sonic is quickly approaching the pair from behind.]

Robotnik: It worked! There's the hedgehog.

[The buzzbomber fires its laser ahead. Robotnik responds in fury.]

Robotnik: Bomber One! The hedgehog is directly behind you! Forget the small one! Get Sonic! Get him!

[Bomber One continues to fire its laser at Tails, but Sonic quickly snatches Tails before the laser can him him. The laser rebounds off a large stone and hits Bomber One.]

Sonic: Hang tight, Tails! We're juicing warp seven!

[Sonic boosts his speed with Tails on his back. Bomber One, on the other hand, falls to the ground and skids in the dirt, his stinger falls off.]

Rotor: Hey, Sonic, over here!

[Sonic and Tails return to Rotor, who is standing on a tree stub. A floating robot with one large eye (a spy camera robot) approaches the group, Rotor jumps off the stub and behind Sonic. The eye opens as Robotnik listens to Sonic and Sonic talks into the robot's eye.]

Sonic: Little news, buttly[?] Robotnik. Read the ole' lips, you are history. Done. Through. Outta here, 'cause the Freedom Fighters are up and on the job!.

Rotor: Word there!

Tails: Hi mom!

[Sonic is about to leave.]

Robotnik: Wait. Mark my words, hedgehog, before this day is done, you and the power rings will be right in the palm of my hand.

[Sonic looks at Tails.]

Sonic: Should we hold our breath guys?

Tails: No way.

Rotor: No way, uh uh.

Sonic: Let's juice.

[Sonic with Tails and Rotor, dash away from the robot.]

[Inside the Great Forest, Sonic weaves through trees and stops at a cliff. Tails and Rotor, on his back, wake up.]

Sonic: Wake up, guys! The hedgehog has landed.

Tails: Wow! How fast did we go Sonic?

Sonic: We were scootin' and rootin', bro.

Tails: Aww, no way! Scootin' and rootin'?!

[Rotor is leaning on a tree holding his head.]

Rotor: Yeah...scootin' and rootin'.

[Sonic pulls a vine on a tree, causing the side of the tree they are near to move aside, revealing a tunnel.]

Tails: Can I ride with you Sonic?

[Sonic picks up Tails.]

Sonic: You want to ride with me?

Tails: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

[He puts Tails down.]

Sonic: Sorry bud, no can do. [He picks him back up] Just kidding! Let's juice!

[They rush into the tree tunnel, going down a very bumpy and twirly wooden slide that leads them to another part of the forest. They land in a pile of hay.]

Rotor: Incoming! Cannonball!

[Rotor follows up behind and lands in the pile of hay on-top of Tails and Sonic.]

Rotor: Sorry about that, guys.

Sonic: You're sorry?!

[In the forest, Knothole Village is shown. There are many houses in trees and boxes are all over the area. Bunnie Rabbot tosses a large log from a catapult. Antoine D'Coolette motions toward a log beside him]

Antoine: Very good, Bunnie. Now, up we go with the new one here.

[Bunnie walks up to the log in discontent.]

Bunnie: Why, Antoine, I do declare, what would I ever do without all your help?

Antoine: *sigh* It's nothing really.

Bunnie: Do tell. Sally, did y'all figure out why these silly throwing arms keep breaking?

[Sally is working on a mobile computer.]

Sally: We're working on it, Bunnie. [She talks to the computer while working on it] Search databank for entry: variable: catapult. Allow for an extra one-thousand pound capacity, and begin creation.

Computer: Working.

[Antoine sneaks up on Sally.]

Antoine: Oooh, you're really beautiful when you work, Princess Sally.

Sally: Antoine...don't call me Princess. Out here, the only royalty is Mother Nature.

[Antoine takes Sally's arm and kisses it continuously.]

Antoine: To me, you are, and always will be, royalty.

[Rotor is on one of the catapults, scratching his head while looking at it. He takes a closer look at it.]

[Back at the computer, Sally continues to work on the catapult schematics. The computer beeps.]

Sally: Yes!

Rotor: Uh huh!

[Sally runs up to Rotor.]

Sally/Rotor: The cotter pins!

Rotor: They're made of wood!

Sally: So when we increase our payload weight, they break!

Rotor: They've got to be metal.

[A sonic boom is heard as Sonic rushes toward the group.]

Antoine: Thought I detected a foul odor...

[Sonic zooms past Antoine, causing him to spin around. Sonic returns to Antoine as he stops spinning, now in a dizzy state.]

Sonic: Eh eh eh! You look a little green! Actually, you look better green, you should keep it.

[He rushes over to Sally, who stares at him with crossed arms.]

Sonic: Uh oh, Sal. What's wrong?

Sally: I thought you were going to help?

Sonic: But what about yesterday?

Sally: What about it?

Sonic: Didn't I help yesterday?

Sally: ...nope.

Sonic: No?!

Sally: Is that an echo?

Sonic: Well, what about the day before yesterday?

Sally: Sonic! Are you going to help us?

Sonic: I was, I can, I am!

Sally: Thank you.

Sonic: I was built for speed and born for danger, [He moves around Sally] and speed is my middle name and danger is my game!

Sally: This is not a game, Sonic. We need metal cotter pins for the catapults.

Sonic: Cotter pins? What's a cotter pin?

[Sally picks up a cotter pin.]

Sonic: I knew that! Cotter pins. Come on Rotor! We gotta do the ring thing!

[Rotor walks over and hops on Sonic's back. Sally gasps as Sonic charges up and rushes away. She sighs.]

[In the forest, Sonic is staring at his reflection in a pond with Tails and Rotor behind him.]

Tails: Is it time yet?

Rotor: Any second now.

[The water starts bubbling, Sonic walks back.]

Tails: Here it comes!

[The water glows gold and a power ring pops up. Rotor takes Tails and holds him toward the ring, Tails grabs it.]

Tails: I got it! Hey Sonic...

[Tails puts the ring in Sonic's backpack.]

Tails How come you're the only guy who can use the power rings?

Sonic: My Uncle Chuck invented them so I can bring down dorks like Robotnik.

Tails: I hate cranky old Robotnik!

Sonic: Heh, yeah. Don't we all.

Rotor: Yeah.

[Sonic dashes through the forest and stops at a clearing. Rotor comes out with a lobster bib, eating a fish.]

Sonic: Did you get it?

Rotor: Yep.

[Rotor brings out a cotter pin.]

Rotor: Get six of these, but that have to be metal.

Sonic: No prob.

[They both share props with their own handshake.]

Rotor: Be cool, Sonic.

Sonic: Way past.

[Sonic runs up a tree with Rotor waving. In another part of the forest, Tails is flying around, but slams into a tree. He falls backwards, disoriented.]

Tails: Why you stupid...

[He grunts and flies back into the tree in anger, slamming into it harder than before. He tumbles back to where he was before.]

Tails: Stupid tree.

[Sonic rushes past Tails, but returns back to him.]

Sonic: Tails! What are you doing?

Tails: Going to the big city.

[Tails starts walking confidently away, but Sonic zooms infront and stops him.]

Sonic: I'm excited for you, little bro, but that's no where near cool.

Tails: How come?

Sonic: Because the big city is crawling with Swatbots. They're all over the place, just waiting for you to come to town so they can roboticize you.

[Tails, in Sonic's grasp, is obviously scared.]

Tails: ...they are?

Sonic: Sure they are.

Tails: Okay...but it's a long way back to Knothole. So if a buzzbomber gets real mad and gobbles me up, I bet you're going to feel just terrible.

[Tails begins to walk away, but Sonic rushes infront of him again. Tails is knocked back.]

Sonic: Okay, okay. You can go, but listen up! You stay in my backpack and guard the power ring. Got it?

Tails: Got it!

[Tails and Sonic share a personal handshake. Tails hops into the backpack.]

Tails: Is it going to be dark when we get to the big city?

Sonic: That's the plan! Hold on, we're going to juice!

[Sonic rushes away to the big city with Tails in tow.]

[In Robotropolis, it is raining. A patrol robot is patrolling the streets.]

Robotnik: *communication* Patrol Nine, status.

Patrol Nine: C-Sector normal.

[Patrol Nine leaves the area after checking an alley full of trinkets. After it leaves, Tails and Sonic poke out of a dumpster.]

Sonic: This place is crawling with Swatbots, Tails, so we gotta chill. Serious.

[They leave the dumpster and crawl to the end of the alley.]

Tails: Eww, how come the big city smells so yucky?

Sonic: Cause Robotnik's factories hurl tons of crud into the sky everyday.

[Tails sneezes, causing him to fly back and knocking Sonic off his feet. Sonic rushes over to Tails as spotlights appear.]

Sonic: Gesundheit!

[Sonic grabs Tails and they rush up inside a vertical pipe. Covered in dirt, they exit, Tails in the backpack.]

Sonic: Past cool, Tails.

[In a Robotropolis street, Swatbots are seen in line formation. Sonic rummages through various metallic objects. He finds some cotter pins.]

Sonic: Cotter pins.

[He packs them away as he and Tails look at the Swatbots. Patrol ships fly by over the Swatbots.]

Tails: Who are those guys?

Sonic: They used to be people, then Robotnik fed them through his robo-machine and now they're robots working in his crud factories.

Tails: Is Uncle Chuck there?

Sonic: Don't see him.

Tails: Can I see Uncle Chuck's picture again?

[Sonic takes out a photo of him with Uncle Chuck and Muttski.]

Tails: You miss Uncle Chuck?

Sonic: A ton. Muttski too.

[Hearing some clanging, Sonic and Tails look over to see a robotic dog.]

Tails: That's one mean looking...

Sonic: That's...that's Muttski!

Tails: He looks too mean.

Sonic: Cause he's a robot, but he won't hurt me. I'm his best bud. Muttski! Over here, boy!

[Muttski looks over and starts barking loudly.]

Sonic: Hey, it's me, Sonic.

[Muttski continues to bark fiercely at the duo and runs up at them.]

Sonic: Whoa.

[Before Muttski can grab Sonic, he dashes further away, but not without removing a patch of fur from Sonic's buttocks.]

Sonic: Muttski, Muttski, Muttski. This is the thanks I get after putting you through four years of obedience school. Bad dog! You sit! You Stay! You don't bite, understand?

[Muttski's eyes glow and he sits obediently. His tails starts wagging.]

Sonic: See Tails? You gotta take control. Let the dog know who's in charge.

[Sonic, on a pile of metal, hops down to Muttski. Muttski licks Sonic. He returns the favor by petting him.]

Sonic: Now Muttski, have you seen Uncle Chuck hanging out?

[Muttski gives a sad expression. Sonic rubs under his mouth.]

Sonic: Aww, someday we'll find him. Know what I'm going to do Muttski? Change you back to a real dog. You know, chewing up furniture, chasing cars, drinking from the toilet, all that cool dog stuff!

Tails: How are you going to do that?

Sonic: By reversing him through Robotnik's robo-machine.

[Muttski's eyes turn red and his head begins convulsing, then his whole body. Tails hides in the backpack.]

Sonic: Whoa, Muttski.

[Muttski returns to his evil form, forcing Sonic to run away. He stops on top of a pile of metal.]

Sonic: Bad dog, Muttski! Mondo bad dog! You're supposed to be hedgehog's best friend.

[Muttski looks over and bites a piece of metal, firing it as a weapon at Sonic. Sonic jumps around dodging the metal objects.]

Sonic: Okay, okay, that's it. I can take a hint Muttski, but hang in because someday we'll be together again.

[Sonic zooms past Muttski, throwing him off his feet in a twirl. Rushing through Robotropolis, a pair of scout patrol vehicles chase after Sonic. He enters a building, causing them to stop. He enters a rooftop, but finds a whole group of Swatbots. They approach Sonic and Tails.]

Tails: Uh oh, more swat guys.

Sonic: *Impatient, looking at watch* Come on, bot-brains, move it.

[They continue to move toward Sonic slowly, so he jokingly falls asleep. He eventually wakes up.]

Sonic: Hold on to your lunch, Tails.

[Tails retracts into the backpack as Sonic does a Spin Dash at the Swatbots, easily taking them out. He stops after he passes all of them.]

Sonic: Tails, are you okay?

Tails: *woozy* Yep.

[More Swatbots enter the roof. Sonic charges up to dash.]

Tails: Not again.

[Sonic drops into a ventilation shaft as the Swatbots file past. Sonic and Tails stand in a dark area.]

Tails: Where are we?

Sonic: An air vent, but hey, no problem. I have eyes like a hawk.

[Taking a step, they scream as they fall further into the shaft.]

[In Robotnik's command area, three cannisters full of an orange liquid are present. Robotnik is addressing a group of Swatbots.]

Robotnik: Tonight, I shall reveal my most brilliant plan to date, that will positively eliminate that nasty little hedgehog, as well as all the other, so-called, Freedom Fighters...

[Sonic, slowing his fall down the shaft, listens to Robotnik as he descends toward a grate above the Doctor.]

Robotnik: ...and bring me the power rings. My plan's simple in its genius.

[Sonic stops before he hits the grate at the bottom of the vent. He lets out a sigh of relief. A huge burst of air starts going through the vent. Tails pops out of the backpack.]

Tails: Sonic, I have to go to the bathroom, real, real bad.

[Robotnik is over at the cannisters.]

Robotnik: Inside these tanks is a new chemical I created, that my buzzbombers, under Snively's direction, will use to spray over the Great Forest... [Cluck approaches Snively, but he threatens Cluck with the remote.] ...and instantly kill all trees, revealing the Freedom Fighters' secret hiding place: Knothole Village.

[Tails goes to sneeze, but Sonic shakes his head at him.]

Robotnik: Thus! And I want my Swatbots to capture Princess Sally, and if that horrid hedgehog shall show up, I have a little surprise.

[Robotnik activates a display, showing a missile.]

Robotnik: The hedgehog-seeking missile! Start the countdown!

[Snively presses a control on his remote, starting a countdown at 0:10. Tails gives in and makes a loud sneeze, causing the backpack he is in to extend upwards and fall back on Sonic, dropping both into Robotnik's command center.]

Robotnik: Well...nice of you to drop in, hedgehog.

Sonic: ...did we miss dinner?

[Robotnik laughs evilly as a Swatbot picks up Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Does this mean dinner's off?

Robotnik: It means, hedgehog, that your days as a Freedom Fighter are over.

Sonic: talking to me?

Robotnik: *flustered* Of course!

Sonic: I don't think so! There's still too much work to do. Listen, I'd like to stay and really get to know you, Robotnik, but it's juice time!

[Sonic starts kicking the Swatbat with his feet, escaping and dashing up a wall and across the ceiling into a vent.]


[Through the vent, Sonic and Tails are able to escape to the landing platform on the roof. He continues running as a group of Swatbots arrive. He hops across multiple rooftops to escape, but eventually stops when he confronts a whole line of Swatbots who march towards him. Coming up the side of the building are two patrol ships, one holding Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Let's see you worm out of this one, hedgehog.

Sonic: Tails, time to bust a power ring.

[Tails reaches into the backpack, grabbing the power ring. He hands it over to Sonic, who holds it up, causing it to release a great amount of light, blinding Robotnik.]

Robotnik: The power ring!

[The Swatbots continue to march towards Sonic.]

Sonic: Hold on Tails, we're gonna warp sonic!

[Sonic enters into a Spin Dash, easily destroying the Swatbots.]

Robotnik: You were fortunate this time, hedgehog, but the night is young.

[Sonic and Tails continue to go at sonic speed.]

Tails: Ha ha, is this way past cool or what?!

Sonic: Way past!

[They speed away back to the forest.]

[It's night in Knothole Village. Sally is in Bunnie's house with her. Sally is sitting on the edge of Bunnie's bed while Bunnie's lying down in it trying to get to sleep.]

Sally: *sighs* It's bad enough that Sonic doesn't help out, now I'm worried about him and Tails

[Bunnie yawns.]

Bunnie: I'm sure they are fine, Sally.

Sally: Do you think Sonic does all those childish things just to make me mad?

Bunnie: Oh, honey-pie, I think that's just Sonic, it's what makes him special.

[A loud sonic boom is heard, causing Sally to gasp with delight.]

Sally: Sonic!

[Later, Sonic is addressing the members of the Freedom Fighters, many of which have fire-lit sticks.]

Sonic: ...and the buzzbombers are headed here right now with some chemical Robotnik invented that's gonna kill all the trees and expose Knothole! Somehow we gotta stop him!

Sally: I have a plan.

[In the morning, in the sky, a group of buzzbombers are carrying the tanks of chemicals with Snively in command. A group of buzzbombers are behind as well.]

Snively: Great Forest, straight ahead! Six minutes!

[In the forest, Rotor is setting up one of the catapults. He looks over once it's set up.]

Rotor: Okay! That's all of them.

[All the other Freedom Fighters have set up catapults on the edge of the Great Forest.]

Sonic: Tails! See anything?

[Tails is on top of a tree acting as a scout.]

Tails: Sure! Millions of things. Rocks, mountains, trees.

[Sonic gives a look of disbelief as Sally walks over.]

Sally: Sonic, the new cotter pins really helped, and Rotor enforced the throwing arms, but their range is still limited. The buzzbombers have to fly close enough.

[Sonic ponders the situation.]

Sonic: Hmm, problemo...whoa, the old lightbulb just went off in my head. The buzzbombers hate my guts, right?


Sonic: What do you mean 'so'?

Sally: So as what?

Sonic: So...they'll follow me anywhere, including inside our catapult range! [Sonic imitates a crowd] Thank you! Thank you! I am humbled!

Sally: I hate to admit it, but you're right.

[Sonic throws himself into a catapult as the buzzbombers start to arrive at the forest. Sonic gives the thumbs up to Sally, who is holding the rope to the catapult. She pulls it, launching Sonic at the buzzbombers.

Snively: Activate defoliant in 10 seconds, Bomber One. Ten...nine...

[Sonic pops up infront of a buzzbomber wielding water balloons.]

Sonic: You're looking a little hot, buzz-brain. Better cool down with some ice-water.

[Sonic throws the water balloons causing the buzzbomber to malfunction.]

Robotnik: *From his command center* The hedgehog. Where is he? Where's the hedgehog?!

[Snively is working furiously at his station.]

Snively: I-I-I'm searching, your ex-celency.

Robotnik: ...find him.

[Sonic blows a raspberry at the buzzbombers from the group.]

Sonic: Here I am, slughead. Give me your best shot!

[A buzzbomber fires its laser at Sonic, but misses.]

Sonic: Oooh, I'd like to hang, but I gotta juice.

[He dashes away, but the buzzbomber has the hedgehog missile.]

Robotnik: *communication* Use the hedgehog missile!

[The missile launches from the buzzbomber's back. Sonic looks back while running to see the missile approaching him. He stops and looks at his proverbial watch, impatiently.]

Sonic: Come on missile-head, I'm getting bored.

[He yawns, but the missile passes him, catching his hand off-guard. He is caught on the missile and sent with it. Sonic gets on-top of the missile and rides it, whistling with his fingers. This gets the missile's attention, who looks back at Sonic.]

Sonic: Looking for me?

[He jumps off the missile and onto the back of a buzzbomber.]

Sonic: Yo! Back here, needle-nose!

[The missile launches back at the buzzbomber, who is part of the group carrying the chemicals, and collides with them, destroying the buzzbombers. One buzzbomber remains while the tanks fall to the ground harmlessly.]

Sonic: Hellooo

[Sonic falls to the ground.]

Robotnik: *communication* Get that hedgehog, Bomber One, or I will turn you into a can opener!

[The buzzbomber promptly chases after the falling Sonic, who is leading the others towards the catapults. Sally is watching them through binoculars.]

Sally: Get ready, here comes Sonic, and buzzbombers right behind him!

[Sonic stops beside Sally.]

Sally: Fire!

[The catapults start launching water balloons at the buzzbombers, hitting and causing them to malfunction. A group of them survive the attack and continue on for the forest.]

Sally: Fire!

[The group gets hit by more water balloons, taking them down. A buzzbomber locates Tails flying low to the ground and chases after him.]

Tails: Heeelp Sonic!

Sally: Fire!

[Water balloons fire.]

Tails: Sonic, help me! [The buzzbomber gets close] Heeeeelp, Sonic!

[The buzzbomber looks up as it sees the water balloons approach. It's hit by multiple balloons, causing it to malfunction and hit a tree.]

Robotnik: *communication* What are you doing Bomber One? Get that...get that hedgehog!

[The buzzbomber ignores Robotnik and escapes.]

Robotnik: *communication* Do you read me? I want the HEDGEHOG!!!

[The remaining buzzbombers ignore Robotnik and retreat from the battle.]

[In the forest, the Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory.]

[In Robotnik's command center, Robotnik is sitting in his seat, quite displeased with his defeat.]

Robotnik: ...come here.

Snively: Uh...uh...huh...huh...I... *gulp*

[Snively walks up to Robotnik's seat while Robotnik gets out of it. He hits Snively multiple times.]

[Back in the forest, Sally high-fives Sonic.]

Sally: You were really great today.

Sonic: Thanks! What about yesterday?

[The two walk away from the group into the forest.]

Sally: What about it?

Sonic: Wasn't I great yesterday too?


Sonic: So-so?

Sally: Is there an echo?

Sonic: Well, what about the day before yesterday?

Sally: Oh, what about it?

Sonic: Well, was I great or 'so-so'?

Sally: I don't remember the day before yesterday.

Sonic: Well I do, and I was great!