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Harder Project is a hacking team led by Eduardo Knuckles. Their currect project is the Sonic Harder Levels Project with the goal of having harder levels in every Mega Drive Sonic game. For now, however, Sonic and the Mystic Gems, Sonic In Eggland and Mobius Evolution, three hacks of Sonic 1, are the current works being developed by the project.


The Harder Project's Team is responsible to make harder but pleasantly playable Sonic hacks of the original titles for the Sega Mega Drive. The project involves all hackable Sonic games in a way to reprogram it to make completely new games. At first, the project was created only to edit level layouts in Sonic 1, but the ideas and the knowledge of Eduardo Knuckles increased significantly to make the hack more than just a simple layout edit. When he met HPZMan, he told him about possible ideas for the future - like changes in music, art and etc. Then Eduardo Knuckles decided to take the ideas of HPZMan afloat, to turn this simple hack into this great and beautiful project that is Sonic 1: The Harder Levels. As time went on, new people were showing us their knowledge, that's when we decided to turn this simple hack into a team effort. The Sonic Harder Levels Project.


  • Eduardo Knuckles - Main leader and coordinator. Responsible for the Music composition and Music Importing, main Art editing and some ASM stuff.
  • HPZMan - Deputy leader, main ASM stuff engineer, sound engineer and art coordinator.


  • Eduardo Knuckles - Project leader and Team Coordinator.
  • Tornado - Sprite resource engineer, graphical designer and sprite programmer.
  • Cass10 - Some level layout design, Marble Zone Act 3 Background art and lots of graphic-related stuff.
  • Selbi - Lots of ASM stuff ideas and ASM programmer.
  • Master3k - Music and Level Background designer.
  • DeoxysKyogre - Level Background stuff colaborator.
  • Death The Echidna - Sprite Art Editing/Fixing.
  • CarrascoZX0 - Lots of Music Stuff.


  • Esrael - Menu programming, Source Code fixes and Adaptations and Other Random Things.
  • Oerg866 - Music composition stuff and lots of stuff.
  • Hitaxas - Music stuff Improvements, ASM stuff and among other things.
  • nineko - Music stuff.
  • Erik JS - Lots of important ASM, character fixing, internal fixing, Options menu and level select fixing and among other related stuff.

Beta Testers

  • KlausPactus
  • SonicVaan
  • Tobey
  • Irixion
  • GenesisFan64
  • Hikaruon
  • Sonic Ghost
  • New Sonic

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