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<forumuser name="Shadow Fire" /> Shadow Fire (or ShadowFire) is a ROM hacker from the British Penal Colony (Australia), known to many for his ROM modifications Sonic - The Lost Land and Sonic - The Lost Land 2. He is also a Staff Member at the SSRG, and has his own hosted site known as The Shadow Realm. His real name is Matthew Teuber (pronounced: toy-ba - it's German, after all), and was born on August 6, 1985. He also quite often loves to act faggy towards attractive male community sceners... especially Tweaker.


Shadow Fire originally joined the Sonic 2 Beta ezboard back in 2002, with an obscure username. In fact, it was so obscure, he still can't remember it to this day. He only ever visited a few times, but never posted, and as such, he returned a final time to find the account deleted.

Shadowsoft Games

In 2004, Shadow Fire joined the Shadowsoft Games forums. It was there where he first released a really crappy Sonic 1 hack, which was the first initial release of Sonic - The Lost Land. Unfortunately, it sucked ass, and as such, it was scrapped. It quite possibly was also due to the fact that documentation for Sonic 1 was minimal back then, but I prefer the ass-sucking reason better. He then got into hacking Sonic 2, and that one sucked almost as badly. Why the fuck was he hacking? He was so crap at it. Either way, he still perservered, and after a long while of posting like a retard, he eventually came to earn the respect of some members.


Not long after joining Shadowsoft Games, Shadow Fire joined the SSRG forums, spending most of his time sucking up to the administration. They relished it, and let him stay because he was amusing. However, when SSRG went down, he lost a second home. When ownership transferred over to OrdosAlpha, whom Shadow Fire had developed a friendship with out of mutual respect, he was quickly made into a Council Member, though when the group was dropped, he was placed in the Staff group, where he remained until late June 2009, when OrdosAlpha decided to promote him to Administrator, replacing StephenUK, who stepped down due to lack of interest, or something like that.

Sonic CulT

Shadow Fire later joined the Sonic CulT forums, but was rather deterred by how nasty people were there. Regardless, he lurked a bit, posted a few things, but they were seen as retarded. As a joke, the forum administrators created a custom user group that perfectly mimicked the look of the administration group, sans permissions. It was fucking funny. Pants were being pissed with laughter. Needless to say, after a while, Shadow Fire's internet activity began to decline, before he disappeared from CulT permanently. Last he heard, his account was lost in a cleanup, but that could be an inaccurate opinion. He likely forgot his password. He does that a lot.


As he began accessing the internet more frequently, Shadow Fire turned his attention to Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta, and registered, managing to get through the trials. His first post was replying to a post in redhotsonic's topic. Most of his posts had originally been in the Engineering and Reverse Engineering section of the forums, but later, he hit the Member Lounge a lot. A few years later, when Simon Wai departed, and the merger occurred, Shadow Fire remained a steadfast member of the Sonic Retro community.


OMFG REMEMBER THIS?! Good times, lol. Good times. =P
  • During his membership at Shadowsoft, he took the logo and butchered it, making it read SHADOW FIRE GAMES. It sucked, but as he was going through hard times, he was often drunk off painkiller syrup, and thought it was funny.
  • At CulT, he released a "special" version of Sonic - The Lost Land 2, which featured Shadow and Mizu, who were both characters from Kojichao's hack, More Than A Memory. It should be noted that this was an exact replica, and was in no way did he intend to rip anyone off. It was discovered that he had once seen a playthrough of that hack, and dismissed it, but subconsciously remembered the character names and art. Later, he drew it from scratch, though it was an almost perfect copy. A few pixels were off, but otherwise, it was the same. Later, he disposed of every instance of said version of Sonic - The Lost Land 2, after being contacted by KojiChao.


Shadow Fire grabbing a nap after a day of being fabulous. Isn't he a good looking fag? =P

These days, Shadow Fire is a generally well-respected scener. Though not as respected as the bigwigs, he has friends in high places. He still visits the Sonic Retro forums, although he tends to spend a lot of time on his own website, as well as another Sonic based website, run by KojiChao and Kurosan.


  • Shadow Fire is one of many homosexual sceners. As such, he can be quite flamey. TSSS...
  • He considers himself to be semi-furry. He has a fursona, and is a fan of furdom, but alas, he doesn't own a fursuit. Thus, he is a wannabe.
  • KojiChao and Shadow Fire once had a brief relationship, before he realised his sexuality. However, the two are still really good friends, and talk on occasion.
  • Japanese is one of Shadow Fire's obsessions. He frequently likes to speak it, even though his comprehension is still only basic.
  • Shadow Fire is one of only few sceners who is fond of the game Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • He's one of the few members who's been around since 2002 that has not yet been made an Oldbie.
  • His power level is 1006. Oh wait... it's over 9000. Ragh.
  • One of his newer obsessions is Vocaloid, particularly Len Kagamine. Wait, isn't Len only 14? Pedo alert. =P
  • He can't wait for Justin Bieber to fall off the face of the planet.
  • Shadow Fire is married, and his "husband" is a lesbian.