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<forumuser name="StephenUK" /> StephenUK (originally known as Just Another Newbie on the SHaC message boards) is a British scener who was been in the Sonic scene in some capacity since 2002. He is a ROM hacker who specializes in his ability to easily construct brand new levels using tools such as SonED2, though he is also proficient in Motorola 68000 assembly.

He is responsible for Sonic: Project Chaos, as well as level art in Sonic Megamix and programming for Sonic the Hedgehog Remix. He also used to be an administrator on the SSRG but stepped down from that position. He isn't terribly active in the scene anymore, though he'll occasionally pop in to post in random topics.

Outside of the scene, Stephen is notorious for being extremely social, often indulging in various types of alcohol.