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Thebes is a Voxai citizen encountered during Chapter 9 of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. A local resident of Voxai Colony Beta when the Overmind started to enslave their society, Thebes was one of the few who was strong (or lucky) enough to resist, and decided to go into hiding as an "outermind". He was able to enlist the aid of Sonic's group to fight back against the despotic Overmind, and assists the heroes by extracting the teleport key for Voxai Colony Alpha from the mind of Thelxe.

Following the defeat of Leucosia, Ligaia, and Riadne, Thebes becomes the new Overmind, promising to return Voxai society to its previous form of benign collectivism. In his last appearance he participated in the Twilight Conference on the Kron Colony, and was breifly criticized by the Zoah General Raxos who chided Thebes for his inexperience as a ruler.