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The levels described in the Micheal Kosaka game script is different than what is described in the Don Goddard script. This article describes the levels included in the Micheal Kosaka script.

Regular Zones

King's Gambit

The level design would center around a chessboard theme. In this level you rescue Tails. The background would have a bright blue sky filled with puffy clouds and a bright sun. In the distance hills could be seen.

Boss Area: The theme of the boss area is a roulette wheel. The boss sits in the middle of the area.
Boss: Orbotnik: He is sitting in a glass sphere in the center of the roulette wheel. He releases steel balls from two tubes located at the side of the screen which roll and bounce around the roulette wheel eventually stopping on a wedge. He will also randomly electrify a wedge in the roulette wheel, destroying steel balls if they happen to be on it. If Sonic Spin Dashes into him the sphere will crack, eventually crumbling after 6 hits.

Ice Breaker

The level would have a snow theme, similar to IceCap Zone in Sonic 3 The background would have snow covered mountains in the distance and a body of water filled with glaciers and broken pieces of ice. The northern lights would cycle different colors in the sky.

Boss Area: The area would have two intersecting snow-covered ridgelines and four small cliff areas. The background shows snowcovered mountains and a clear blue sky.
Boss: Frozebotnik: He stands far in the background and rolls giant snowballs down the ridgeline. He pounds the mountain at certain times which release giant icicles from the ceiling. To hit him you have to hit his carrot nose. When hit his nose shortens up to 8 times when he finally dies.

Fat Tuesday

The level would take place in New Orleans during Mardis Gras. Neon lights, lit office buildings, car headlights can be seen and tail lights can be seen on the freeway below. A red-orange sunset can be seen in the background.

Boss Area: Still set in the city during the parade. Sonic can jump onto the second floor balconies and rooftops.
Boss: Beignetnik: He stands on the far side of the screen. He has a colorful mask and is dressed like a clown. He throws Barrels, Necklaces, and spinning Magic Wands. He also has a sneeze attack.

Dream Wave

The level takes place in the cloudtops. You can see the night skies and stars, moons and galaxies are visible.

Boss Area: The background is a subtle undulating blue/black color-cycling background which rhythmically pulses to the accompyning music.
Trouble Cleff Trap: This isn't really a boss but a dangerous stage. The bottom of the stage has no floor and musical notes float across the screen. The screen scrolls so you need to keep jumping across the notes. Occasionally sharp notes come across so those need to be avoided.

Cryptic Grotto

An underwater level covered with seaweed and several caverns.

Boss Area: Still underwater but a ship wreck can be seen.
Boss: Octocknik: He's a powerful, armored octopus that throws seashells and starfish. He can darken the screen to near blackout with his ink for several seconds. He dies after taking 14 hits.

Core Memory

A level filled with electrical parts and data buses. Printed circuits can be seen.

Boss Area: The endless loop trap, a continuous connected loop which your character is forced to run along. There are a few speed bumps built into the road. The background is outerspace with stars and moons littering the night sky.

Boss: Robotnik: Robotnik attacks using three different vehicles:

  • Ball Bomber Vehicle: After 8 seconds of flying around he releases a giant bowling ball and flies off. It continues on around the loop and over time the amount of balls that need to be avoided will accumulate. If they hit a speed bump they will bounce for a while.
  • Gatling Gun Vehicle: Robotnik flies offscreen and tries to strafe Sonic with his gatling gun. He makes 2 passes, then flies off.
  • Hammer Vehicle: Robotnik flies off screen then tries to hit Sonic with his hammer. If he misses and hits the loop instead the ground will shake and the bowling balls will bounce and reposition horizontally. He attacks three times then flies off.

Bonus Levels

Bonus Zone

The bonus stage is a air hockey table with Sonic on one end and Robotnik on the other. Two tubes are located at the center which despense the pucks or Bonus spheres. The bonus spheres contain 1-ups, continues, points, or power-ups and are destroyed when hit, or on their own when they are on screen for several seconds. The d-pad moves the air shuttle, A button centers it near the goal, B button speeds it up, and C button will try to move it in the projectory path of the puck.

Special Zone

This is alluded to in some concept artwork included with the script but nothing is said of it, other than you collect Chaos Emeralds here. It is probably the same as a regular level but with the Chaos Emeralds hidden somewhere.

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