Sonic's Scream Test

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SonicX 19 JP TitleCard.jpg
Sonic X episode #19
"Sonic's Scream Test"
Written by:
Directed by: Keiko Oyamada, Sim Sang-il
Production no.: 019
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
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Sonic's Scream Test, known as Kojou no Bourei King Boom Boo (古城の亡霊キングブーブ) in Japan, is the nineteenth episode of Sonic X.


Sonic and Co. are on the set of Lindsey Thorndyke's latest movie, filmed on the grounds of an abandoned castle. Sonic decides to go exploring on his own while the filming is happening. During a 'moving' shot, one of the cameramen bumps into a podium with an hourglass-like stone statue on it. He grasps it so he can move it out of the camera's intended path, but then decides it's not worth the hassle and elects to choose a path for the camera that bypasses the podium. At the exact moment the cameraman grabs the hourglass, Sonic is surrounded by a large wave of energy, which subsides once the cameraman has let go. Before Sonic can leave the room, the cameraman discovers that the new camera path has its view blocked by the hourglass at one point, so he lifts it it off the podium and discards it in the grass. The energy surges around Sonic once again, but disappears again after a moment.

At night, while filming a corridor scene, a member of the sound crew complains that there's an odd background noise on the tape. Unable to pinpoint the cause, the crew stop filming for the night. Sonic makes his way outside to look for whatever caused the energy wave, while the sound crew member from earlier is seen searching for the cause of the mystery noise. He is lead to a section of wall with various glyphs, and hears laughter coming from behind it. Sonic finds the stone hourglass that was discarded earlier, examining the Moon and Sun symbols on its flat ends and pondering their meaning. Lindsey is removing make-up alone in her bedroom, but suddenly hears laughter from beyond her door. She gets agitated and demands that the people laughing show themselves, but relaxes and turns back towards her mirror... where King Boom Boo has possessed her reflection.

Lindsey has apparently gone missing, as the film crew, the remaining Thorndykes and Sonic's friends are all searching the castle and calling out for her. Amy, Cream and Ella are searching the corridors as a group, when they find themselves next to the wall the sound crew member found earlier, with the same laughter coming from it. Amy goes to get help, but is immediately stopped by a ghostly arm emerging from the wall. More arms appear and block every exit, causing the girls to scream loudly. Sonic, Chris and Tails hear the screams and rush to the scene. Chris and Tails find Amy pulling on Ella's arm as it's gradually disappearing straight through the wall. They attempt to help but the force on the other side is too strong and they all lose their grip. Sonic arrives, brandishing the hourglass, and sees Boos emerging from the wall. He lunges at the wall and breaks a portion of it, revealing a vortex made of the same sort of energy he'd seen earlier. Several ghostly arms shoot out and Sonic attempts to attack them, but he passes straight through, and they grab Tails instead. Sonic is also grabbed, and both of them are pulled into the vortex, but not before Sonic manages to throw the hourglass to Chris and explain his suspicions that it's the key to the current events.

The next morning, Amy and Chris investigate the hourglass' podium and discover two things: An inscription and a hidden passageway. They try (badly) to keep control of their fear, thinking it will make the ghosts weaker. They're eventually accosted by four boos, and Amy holds the hourglass above her head while cowering. The boos freeze upon seeing the hourglass and flee right away. Unsure of what happened, but glad to have a 'weapon' to fight with, the two chase the ghosts further into the dungeon. They arrive in a small room with a windowsill and a 'window' in the ceiling showing the inside of the vortex. Everyone who was drawn into the vortex is present, but only Sonic is conscious. Sonic tries to inform the pair of what's going on, but his voice is manipulated by King Boom Boo and Amy believes Sonic has just confessed his love for her. Overjoyed, she willingly follows the 'fake' instruction that follows and places the hourglass on the windowsill with the 'moon' side facing upwards. There's a burst of light and King Boom Boo appears in the room, flanked by several boos. Amy realises she's been tricked and attempts to attack him, but she's easily subdued and held. A boo is allowed to enter her body and she is put down, so Chris runs over to see if she's alright. She awakens with a boo's teeth and eyes, and proceeds to chase Chris with her hammer.

Cornered at the windowsill, Chris realizes that the possessed Amy is suddenly hesitating to attack, due to the hourglass being nearby. Remembering the inscription on the pedestal from earlier, he flips the hourglass to the 'sun' side, releasing everyone from the vortex and Amy of her possession, and permanently turning all the ghosts solid. Sonic and Amy start beating up on the boos while Chris wakes up and evacuates the former vortex prisoners. Once they're safely out of the room, Tails throws a ring to Sonic and Chris recovers the hourglass. Sonic subdues King Boom Boo and goes to meet up with the escapees, but they've been slow to escape because Lindsey's shoes are slowing her down. They're forced to hurry out when King Boom Boo recovers from Sonic's attack and starts eating the staircase from the bottom up. Once Sonic carries Lindsey out into the open, Amy quickly moves the podium to its original position and Chris places the hourglass, but accidentally has the moon side facing upwards. Sonic tells him it's probably not worth worrying about. The police and film crew arrive at the podium and explain how lucky they all were to have escaped the ghosts, going on to explain the haunted history of the castle. In the final shot, we see boos still lurking within the walls of the main castle building.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Japanese 古城の亡霊キングブーブ Kojou no Bourei King Boom Boo
Portuguese O Teste de Gritos do Sonic Sonic's Scream Test

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