Lindsey Thorndyke

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Lindsey Thorndyke
Series: Sonic X

Lindsey Thorndyke (Born Lindsey Flair) is a character from the anime series Sonic X, she is the mother of Chris Thorndyke, the wife of Nelson Thorndyke, and the sister of Sam Speed. She is also a famed actress.

She is a movie star and is highly famous. She has made numerous appearances throughout the show despite being away on business quite often. Her first appearance had her as the guest of honor at a party Chris held for her coming home. She had to leave before she was able to see it through however.

Other notable appearances include an episode where she had found a yellow Chaos Emerald and gave it to Cream simply because the color seemed to match. There was a time when Nelson Thorndyke, her husband, bought the purple Chaos Emerald from a jewelry shop and constructed a complicated plan to give it to her during one of her movie screenings for their anniversary. However, it was stolen by Dr. Eggman in the end.

She is voiced by Jennifer Blood in English, and by Naomi Shindoh in Japanese.


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