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Super Fast Shoes

Variable Value
Acceleration 0.09375
Deceleration 0.5 (unchanged)
Friction 0.09375
Top Speed 12
Air Acceleration 0.1875
Rolling Friction 0.046875
Rolling Deceleration 0.125 (unchanged)

Note: If Sonic falls into the water, the Super Fast Shoes are nullified. The underwater variables override them completely. If you jump back out of the water, the Super Fast Shoes stay gone. This seems to be the case for all 5 of the games.

In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the tempo of the song is multiplied by 1.25.

Super/Hyper Sonic

The variables here apply to both Super Sonic in Sonic 2, and the Super and Hyper forms of each character in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, except for the a few variables noted.

Variable Value Value (Underwater)
Acceleration 0.1875 0.09375
Deceleration 1 0.5
Friction 0.046875 (unchanged) 0.046875 (unchanged)
Top Speed 10 5
Air Acceleration 0.375 0.1875
Initial Jump Velocity 8 (unchanged for Knuckles only) 3.5 (unchanged)
Release Jump Velocity 4 (unchanged) 2 (unchanged)
Rolling Friction 0.09375 (0.0234375 in Sonic 3 & K) 0.046875 (0.0234375 in Sonic 3 & K)
Rolling Deceleration 0.125 (unchanged) 0.125 (unchanged)

Hyper Blast Ability (Hyper Sonic Only)

When you press the jump button a second time in the air, Sonic's X speed is set to 8 if facing to the right, and -8 when facing to the left, and Y speed is set to 0. If you are holding Up on the D-pad when you press the button, Sonic's Y speed is set to -8, and X speed is set to 0.

Super Tails, Super/Hyper Knuckles

Variable Value Value (Underwater)
Acceleration 0.09375 0.046875
Deceleration 0.75 0.375
Friction 0.046875 (unchanged) 0.046875 (unchanged)
Top Speed 8 4
Air Acceleration 0.1875 0.09375
Initial Jump Velocity (unchanged) (unchanged)
Release Jump Velocity (unchanged) (unchanged)
Rolling Friction 0.0234375 0.0234375
Rolling Deceleration 0.125 (unchanged) 0.125 (unchanged)
Climbing Speed (Knuckles only) 2 2
Gliding Initial Speed (Knuckles only) 4 (unchanged) 4 (unchanged)
Gliding Acceleration (Knuckles only) 0.046875 0.046875

Wall Quake (Hyper Knuckles Only)

In order for Knuckles to shake the screen and destroy all enemies when he connects with a wall, he must be gliding at or in excess of 4.5 pixels per step.

Ring Countdown

While Super/Hyper, the character is drained of 1 Ring every 60 steps, or 1 second.

Closing Notes

Note: If a Super/Hyper character collects Super Fast Shoes by breaking an item monitor, the Super Fast Shoes variables supersede the Super/Hyper variables, in effect slowing them down (although the Top Speed is a little higher). This may be undesirable in your own engine.

Note: If a Super/Hyper character falls into the water, they use the variables listed above. However, if they turn Super/Hyper while already underwater, the Super/Hyper variables take over, unmitigated. This is a bug, and should be avoided in a new engine.