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Edit Sonic 1's Title Cards

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NOTICE: For this, i'm using the Sonic 1 GitHub Dissasembly, but soon I might have a HiveBrain version.

First, open sonic.asm and try to look for M_Card_GHZ: (It should be on line 5769)

M_Card_GHZ:	dc.b 9 			; GREEN HILL
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$18, $B4
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$3A, $C4
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$10, $D4
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$10, $E4
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$2E, $F4
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$1C, $14
		dc.b $F8, 1, 0,	$20, $24
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$26, $2C
		dc.b $F8, 5, 0,	$26, $3C

You can change this into whatever the heck you want, but I'm doing Sand Hill. Second, download Selbi's Sonic 1 Text Code Generator: Then, open the program, you should see this: Example1.png

Then, open Zone Title Cards, type in your title card text, and click Generate to Zone Title Card Text, if a Pop-Up appears, close it, and paste your generated code. Replace byte_C9FE:, with M_Card_GHZ:, then save and build. (WARNING: You MUST replace byte_C9FE, or you will get build errors.) You should see this: Example2.png

If you didn't, you did something wrong, try the tutorial again.

Hivebrain Tutorial

Basically do the same things as the GitHub tutorial, but don't replace byte_C9FE: