Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator

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Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator
Category: Graphics editor
Version: 3.0
System: Microsoft .NET Framework
Supported Games: Sonic 1
Credits: Selbi

Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator (or simply S1TCG) is a text editing tool created by Selbi which can edit and generate any kind of text for Sonic 1. It was designed for the Hivebrain's June 2005 disassembly (info) (1,023 kB), but with some modifications it can also be used for the SVN version. Because it was written in Visual Basic.NET 2008, .NET Framework v2.0 or newer (v3.0 is recommended) is needed to run it.

Selbi also created a similar tool for Sonic 2, called Sonic 2 - Text Code Generator.


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File: (99 kB) (info)
Current version: v3.0.0

Note: This program requires .NET Framework v2.0 or better. Official link to v3.0: .NET Framework v3.0 Runtimes

Prior Versions

Tools and help windows

Version 3.0 of the utility contains (or at least partially) the following tools:

  • Zone Title Cards text generator
  • "SONIC HAS PASSED" generator
  • Credits Title Cards v2.0 (optimized tool for creating credits damn easily)
  • Credits Title Cards text generator (Beta)
  • "SONIC TEAM PRESENTS" generator (optimized version of the Credits generator)
  • Level Select Text generator (for reference, related to level select text)
  • Level Select Text editor (for directly editing the misc\menutext.bin)
  • Header generating tool (the text an emulator shows in its title bar when running the ROM)

The help windows are there as a replacement for a readme.txt.

Planned features

Some things which are planned, but cannot be made (yet):

  • A feature so Title Cards are not off-center

Example modifications

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