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Category: Graphics editor
System: Microsoft .NET Framework
Credits: MainMemory

MappingsConverter is a set of programs that convert sprite mappings and DPLCs between formats used in different games, and binary and ASM formats.

It includes four programs:

  • MappingsConverter: A GUI program for converting mappings.
  • MapConv: A command-line program for converting mappings.
  • DPLCConverter: A GUI program for converting DPLCs.
  • DPLCConv: A command-line program for converting DPLCs.


Syntax: program /ingame game [/outgame game] /infmt format [/outfmt format] infile [outfile]

Any missing 'out' parameters will be copied from their respective 'in' parameters.


  • S1 - Sonic 1
  • S2 - Sonic 2
  • S3K - Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles
  • S3Kp - (DPLCConv Only) Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles players


  • binary - Binary
  • asm - Assembly
  • macro - Assembly with macros

The macro format can only be used if you include the proper SpritePiece ASM file for your assembler and set a SonicMappingsVer constant/variable to a value from 1 to 3.


Download.svg Download MappingsConverter
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