Circus Park

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Circus Park is Eggman's carnival in Shadow the Hedgehog. Interestingly, it shares its name with an area in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.


If Shadow helps Sonic the Hedgehog destroy the Black Tank in Lethal Highway, or helps Knuckles the Echidna drive out the Black Arms in Glyphic Canyon, he heads off towards Circus Park to find the fourth Chaos Emerald. With no luck, Shadow curses in frustration; when suddenly, Tails flies by overhead in the Tornado (this particular incarnation dubbed "Tornado III"). Just as Shadow realizes that the Tornado is running on the grey Chaos Emerald as a power supply, The plane malfunctions and crashes. Shadow enters Circus Park to recover the emerald. Near the entrance, Shadow finds Tails, who asks Shadow to help him take back the rings that Dr. Eggman stole to build the park. Further down, Eggman himself will ask Shadow to help him get rid of the G.U.N. soldiers occupying the area.


Circus Park is a flashy, vibrant stage, filled with bright neon lights, large balls that serve as bumpers, and various gimmicks that award rings, such as giant clocks that, when struck, will begin counting down and cause balloons to float up, creating a shooting gallery. When the countdown ends, the player will receive 5, 10, 25, or 50 rings, depending on how well he or she scores. There are also flaming hoops that will give 5 rings for jumping through, and large towers that when struck (by hitting the center of the special spring), will provide the player with 50 rings. The infamous spinning barrels from Carnival Night also make an appearance. This level fulfills the Carnival/Casino cliché for this game.

Ball Pawn appearace

Ball Pawns are the Egg Pawns balancing on top of giant balls, which must be destroyed before the pawn itself can be damaged. Ball Pawns tend to explode once they are destroyed, so it would be wise to keep distance. In Circus Park, they are styled to look like clowns. The Ball is colored light blue with blue and yellow highlights, while the pawn, who sports a blue party hat, has a light blue torso and a lower body that is pinstriped blue and light blue.

Secret Door Location

The secret door is located after the 5th checkpoint. Follow the path down to the gap, which can be traversed with Triangle Jump. Using said technique will put you right in front of the Secret Door.